You are welcome to contact me via email at leahsphotodesigns(at)gmail(dot)com for business inquiries and to discuss my rates for sponsored posts.

Readers are welcome to write me at the above address as well, if desired. I cannot promise to respond to all messages but assure you I do read them and appreciate the time y’all take to write to me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Help. My name is Merlyne B Hamblin and I live at (removed by blog author for privacy)
    I ordered one of the Wilton 2016 Sweet Ideas Calendar and the special offer that came with the advertisement. (removed by blog author for privacy). As of today I have not received the calendar or offer. The person whose gift it was to be is leaving the country on Feb 1. I am very disappointed that I did not get it to date. Please contact me by email (removed by blog author for privacy)

    1. Hi Merlyne, I have removed personal identifying information from your comment for your privacy. I do not work for Wilton so I can not help you. I advise you to reach out to Wilton via the contact information found on their web site for help with your purchase. Good luck!

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