Favorite Apps

Favorite Apps, Volume 3

Today’s featured app is all about the menstrual cycle so if this makes you uncomfortable or you think any degree of discussing this subject is TMI or whatever, this is your warning to navigate away from this page now. 

For those of you who don’t have a problem with this sort of thing, let’s continue. 

Flo is a great little app from the developer OWHEALTH INC. It is completely free to use and, surprisingly, does NOT include ads. There are no “premium” features that must be paid for. This is truly a FREE app. 

So what exactly is Flo? It is essentially a general women’s health app with primary functions of logging and tracking menstrual cycles/symptoms, as well as ovulation/fertility. It can also be linked up with FitBit devices if you use them (not sure if other fitness trackers are compatible at this time but I don’t think so) to be used to track daily steps and sleep, and you can track your weight etc as well if you wish.

At this point I will say I personally only use this app for logging/tracking my menstrual cycle/symptoms so I can not speak to the other aspects of the app. Based on what I do use it for I am going to say the other features are probably well done. 

The app works best when you log symptoms daily. The app will pick up on any trends to improve the cycle predictions. I am still trying to get myself into the habit of logging symptoms daily but even so it tends to be pretty accurate.

Because it can be used to log and track fertility/ovulation as well, the symptom log includes some things you may be interested in logging if you’re trying to conceive – and the app even has a special pregnancy mode if you are/become pregnant. 

There are a handful of settings that can be adjusted for your cycle. If you don’t know how long your cycle tends to last you don’t have to bother with these settings – given a little time and consistent use, the app will adjust those things for you as it learns your cycle. There are also a couple settings for the app itself, including a passcode which is basically password protection for the app – it won’t open without the code being entered first. There is also a contraceptive reminder,  if that is something that may be useful for you.

There is a section within the app with articles on various women’s health issues, as well. Sometimes when you log certain symptoms, they’ll show you an article relating to that symptom specifically. Sometimes this section will also include polls or quizzes, and there are sometimes comment sections available where, if you want, you can chat with other Flo users.

The app also includes a homescreen widget so you can see what days you’ve logged symptoms and upcoming periods at a glance, though you will have to actually open the app for more details or of you want to review what symptoms you’ve logged, and to log new/current symptoms.  

Overall this is a very well done, easy to use, incredibly useful app, and I’d absolutely recommend it to any ladies looking for an easy way to keep track of their cycle and symptoms. I’ve tried a couple other similar apps but this is by far the best! 

Until next time. xoxo

Favorite Apps

Favorite Apps, Volume 2

It has been quite a while since I posted Volume 1 for my Favorite Apps series of posts. I have a couple drafts saved for a couple more apps but have not gotten to finishing them yet and since my internet access is currently limited to mobile that means I am blogging using the WordPress App. (Which, fyi, is not among my favorite apps despite my regular use of it.) I swear I used to be able to access drafted posts in the app easily but I haven’t been able to get to them since one of the newer app updates. 

So I am finally just starting a new post to introduce you to another game app that I very much enjoy: Polyforge from ImpactBlue Studios. This app is available on Android and iOS. 

Polyforge is super simple to play yet also challenging. The only thing you have to do is tap the screen. But you have to time it just right, and that is where the challenge comes in. 

Each level presents you with a polygon (hence the name of the app) which spins. There is also a little arrow that orbits the spinning polygon. Each time you tap the screen, the arrow hits the polygon. The goal is to hit every side of the polygon ONCE. Hit the same side twice and you must start the level over again. You know which sides you have already hit because they will “glow”, as shown in the screenshot below.

Another important part of the asthetics of the game is sound. There is some really lovely music that plays as part of the game – every successful tap to light up a side of the polygon plays a single note of music. Tapping at just the right speed will let the notes flow together nicely, but remember to not hit the same side twice!

The color scheme changes with each level, as well as after so many failed attempts to complete a single level. I personally find that sometimes the colors are helpful or detrimental in how easily you can complete a level. That could just be me. 

The game is ad-supported so you will from time to time see an ad between levels. If you so desire, you can pay to remove the ads from the game. This will cost you a very reasonable $0.99 USD. (I do not find the ads to be intrusive so I have not paid to go ad free on this one.) 

It is overall a very appealing game. It is not one I play daily, but every few days I’ll open the app and try to complete a couple levels.

Until next time. xoxo

Favorite Apps, Melting Pot

Favorite Apps, Volume 1

I don’t often try new apps and even when I do, it is not often I come across any that I really enjoy. I do have a selection of apps on my phone that I have been using for a long time, ones that I started using a couple phones ago, as well as a couple newer finds. I thought it might be fun to do a series of posts about these favorite apps, and perhaps introduce you to some new apps that you may find fun or useful. This is not going to be a weekly installment, or even necessarily monthly… just when I have time to write up a post about one of my favorite apps.

Up first is a newer find that I spotted in my recommendations section of the google app store. It is a game called I Love Hue, from the developer Zut!. It is available for both Android and iOS.

This is a color-based puzzle game (so not suitable for those who are colorblind, sorry!) that is simple yet also challenging. You start off by selecting your level and for about a second the finished puzzle is shown on the screen before the colors get randomly scrambled. Blocks of color with a little dot in the center are locked in place.

Here is one of my recent puzzles (the same puzzle as above) while in progress, shortly before I finished it.

Upon completing a puzzle, a heart pops up over the screen, like this:

Then you are shown your stats for the level. Along with some praise, which is a cute touch. 

Then you can select your next level.

Along the top of the level selection menu, you will see a heart on the left with a number beside it – this is how many levels you have completed in the game in total. The prisms (pyramids) in the center are your “tickets” to play new levels, with the number being how many you have left to use. The game starts you off with a larger amount (I don’t remember how many, I think 100) and then each day you play you get 12 more. Once you use up the prisms, only getting 12 a day is a little bit of a bummer and can slow you down, but you do have the option of buying more (clicking the little + beside the number) if you want. You can also watch ads to earn more. I just wait for the daily freebies, though. The option on the right is for the settings and this is also where you fins the option to pay to remove the occasional in-game ads.

On the bottom left you see the name of the level pack you are currently playing. Each pack has 25 levels. The bottom right shows you how many levels of that pack you have completed. You unlock new packs by completing levels and earning those hearts. 

Overall this is a fun game with nice music and sound effects, and it is a good way to pass some time, I enjoy it a lot. I introduced my sister to it and she enjoys it as well though not quite as much as I do; I am well ahead of her and she said she will never catch up to me. (Sibling rivalry – we often find games to play and try to beat each other.) I would definitely recommend this one if you enjoy simple puzzle games, and if you like/have an eye for color. 

Until next time. xoxo