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I’m currently waiting for some ibuprofen to hopefully kick in and work its magic on a nasty headache. J and I got my yard mowed this morning and after I got cleaned up after that I planned to study but instead fell asleep and when I woke up again had a terrible headache. Just trying to wait it out now so I can move on with my day and get that studying in as well as some housework that needs to be dealt with.

I’ve got some more cake pictures from work to share, as well. The wordpress app is giving me fits and keeps crashing when I try to add captions to the images. I don’t feel like fussing with the coding to manually add captions that way so I’ll just have to add text where the captions would go if captions were working properly.

Ribbon roses (a first for me, it took several tries before I got the hang of it and any actually made it to the cake)
Dinosaur egg cake (coworker did the shaping and base ice to teach me how to do that for future orders, and I decorated)

Customer had a specific image to be recreated on this cookie cake

Beach/flip flop cake

First stacked cake at work

Last minute basketball cake

100th birthday cake. The customer had specific rose placement they wanted and had me color match to a napkin for one of the colors. Which for some reason my phone photographed as being a red but it was actually a deep pink color.

Retirement cake (I should have made the clock a little smaller so “congratulations” would not get squished up a bit lol but it is a cute design they asked for)

99th birthday cake

This cake cracked me up. I both took and filled the order. There was a second cake to go with it that had been iced nicely and had borders and balloons on it. The customer asked for this one to basically look like a hot mess. It was for a retirement for someone with a reputation for being stingy with money.

The customer wanted a replicate of a cake one of my coworkers had done that coworker had shown her while coming up with ideas for the cake. Not too shabby.

I loved this one! Again I both took and filled this order. The customer wanted a field with a pond and a fence around the sides. She had little plastic horses she would add to it herself. I wish I could have seen it with the horses for the final look. The birthday girl was there when the cake was picked up and her whole face just lit up… absolutely loved that moment.

My sister sent me a card not too long ago. She makes beautiful hand made cards. Usually she sends them for various holidays but this one she sent “just because” and I must say the sentiment she chose for it was fitting for what I’ve been feeling and needing to hear these past few… er. Well. For a long time lol. But particularly in recent weeks.

If I can find a suitable frame I will be framing that card. I have another card she sent a couple years ago framed. I keep every single one, but do not frame all of them. I couldn’t afford frames for all of them and would have no wall space left to hang anything if I did that. Lol

Ok the app is now just giving me fits in general so I suppose that is all for this post. My headache has not eased up yet but I have things I need to do regardless.

Until next time. xoxo

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Product Review

As I mentioned recently, I have a new hair product review to share. This is a new product from Garnier: Fructis Treats 1 Minute Hair Masks

There are 5 formulas offered in two different size jars. (Though if stores in your area are like the stores in my area, good luck finding all five formulas and both size jars!) The formulas available are:

Banana to strengthen weak hair

Coconut to nourish dry hair

Avocado to smooth frizzy hair

Papaya to repair damaged hair

Goji to protect colored hair

Initially I got a sample of the Coconut formula from PinchMe. I loved it enough I went and bought a jar. I decided to try the Avocado one when I purchased. My hair loves to be frizzy and crazy so I figured that would be a good one to try out. I really want to try the banana one but haven’t found it in any stores yet.

Each of the hair masks is a 3-in-1 product (which seems to be a trend right now and is not the only such product from Garnier right now). The product can be used as a deep conditioning hair mask that works its magic in just 1 minute, a standard rinse out conditioner*, or a leave in conditioning treatment.

* According to the instructions this would be an apply-then-immediately-rinse scenario. Personally I always leave conditioner in my hair for the duration of my shower. As such, for me personally this means this product is just a 2-in-1. (Deep conditioning treatment and leave-in conditioner.)

I DID test it initially by leaving it for just 1 minute as instructed to see how it worked when used as directed as a 1 minute mask, and the next use I immediately rinsed so I could have an idea how it works when used as directed as a standard rinse out conditioner. It does perform as a typical conditioner when immediately rinsed out after applying – helps soften and detangle the hair a bit but honestly nothing spectacular as compared to a typical cream rinse. If left for 1 minute to use as directed for a hair mask – this is when magic happens! Even while my hair was still wet, when it usually feels dry (if that makes any sense?!) and fragile, after using this as a hair mask my hair felt soft and healthy. Once my hair had dried it was super soft and silky, and ridiculously shiny!

My favorite way to use this product, however, is as a leave-in conditioner. Why? Because I get the same results as when I used it as a mask, but I can use much less product, so the jar will last a lot longer!

And did I mention this stuff smells amazing? Because it does!

Here are pictures of the entire contents of the label around the bottle, for those who care to see more information about the formula and the ingredient list:

I do not often use Garnier products – they honestly just do not tend to appeal to me much and the other products I have tried in the past (be it hair care or skin care) have been “meh” at best. They have totally nailed it with this one, though! I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a good deep conditioning treatment, or an awesome leave-in conditioner.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot, Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

It will be another short work week for me this week, and I assume the next several weeks will be much the same as it’s reached the summer slowdown – things won’t pick back up again till around September. The bad part of this obviously is what it means for my ability to pay bills and set aside what little precious bits I can for larger upcoming expenses and desires like taxes, fencing the yard, car inspection etc. But the good part is it gives me more time to study so hopefully I can get caught up to where I want to be with my schoolwork. Once I can get to the point where I’m done with the studies and doing the externship, that’ll help me out a bit with my finances even during the slow times at the grocery store.

My brain isn’t cooperating with me in figuring out the timeline but I have now had Princess for about 2 years (give or take a bit, I’m truly not sure but it’s definitely been more than one year but less than three) and just a bit ago I walked into my bedroom to get something and she’s lying on my bed resting. She looked at me when I entered and as I walked past her I reached out to pet her a bit. And it occurred to me just how far she’s come since she has been my dog. When I reached out to pet her, she didn’t flinch or back away from me at all, rather she lifted her head and leaned into it to enjoy the brief show of affection. When I first got her, she was absolutely terrified of everything and I had to be slow and cautious about giving her attention, giving her the time to come to me for it rather than just giving her attention such as I did just now. Back then even when she would come close, as soon as I would move to actually pet her she would back away from me. Her previous owners were not *completely* neglectful with her… But they were not kind to her either. They kept her fed, watered, and sheltered… But that was it. She was more often than not confined to a far too small crate kept hidden under a table (where she often stayed by choice, thinking that was simply where she was meant to be), and she was often yelled at and hit when she wasn’t in the crate because in her times out of the crate she would be naughty. But her behavior that earned the yelling and hitting from her previous owners was not her fault – she was a dog being a dog, that nobody had taken the time to train and teach the rules of the house. When I got her, Princess was a skittish, fearsome, distrusting dog who would slink around low to the ground, tail between her legs, looking for small confined places to hide and always expecting the worst. Now she’s a happy, comfortable, trusting, affectionate girl who has free run of the house and walks around tall and proud and happily wagging her tail. (Like my Rascal who I have had since she was a pup. So I have two happy girls.) Princess still has her moments when she is naughty and tests my patience, but on the whole she’s a good girl and thinking back on how she was treated previously and how she was when I first got her… It makes me happy that she’s got a good, happy life now and she can know not all humans are going to be mean to her. I’m not sure of her exact age but she is an older dog, 8-10 if not a bit older. I don’t like to think too much about her age. But I do think of it sometimes, and I do think how glad I am that though the first part of her life was sad, her later years get to be happy. ❀🐢🐢

I’ve got a new hair care product I will be reviewing soon once I have used it a couple more times. I’m excited to share about it – I kind of planned to do that post today but then Princess and I had our moment and it got me thinking about her so I wanted to post about her instead, and throw in some other random bits to make it a Sunday Somethings post. Won’t hurt to use the product a couple more times before reviewing, anyway. Hint: if you follow me on Twitter you might already know the product line in question though not the specific product. πŸ˜‰

I got a box of goodies from my dad yesterday in the mail. He sent some containers for my lunches in what he now refers to as being “my color” as he knows it’s a color I like that I have tried to use as my main color for my kitchen and all kitchen related tools and gadgets. (The light turquoise/aqua color of my KitchenAid mixer.) He also sent some cute silicone ice cube trays that make pineapple shaped ice cubes, a bottle of vanilla extract (he knew I am almost out), a bottle of Heinz mayonaisse (hilariously enough… he knows I love it but can’t always find it in the store, and his timing was impeccible as I literally just used up the last of my previous jar a couple days ago), some absolutely adorable tea infusers (more on those in a future post), and a fresh herb keeper set which has two countertop containers you place fresh herbs in and they are supposed to help keep the herbs fresh longer than traditional methods of storage. The set also included an herb knife, an herb stripper, and 3-bladed herb shears. (I’ll share more about this in a future post as well, but it will be a while till I get to this one.) I have an awesome, thoughtful dad and I love him so much!

I did a new drawing last week which is far, far from my best work. But I had the idea in my head for months, courtesy of frequently listening to Bon Jovi in the car. (My “driving” music consists of a lovely mix of 80s, 90s, country, and a few random songs of other genres/more current music I don’t normally listen to but maybe like a song here and there. If you wonder which category Bon Jovi falls under, it would be the “have lots of their music” category not the “eh, don’t like it usually but this one song is awesome” category lol.) I usually do larger images because it’s hard for me to get details in on smaller images but this one required I make the components of the overall image smaller… So in that regard it honestly isn’t that good. And then when I added the lettering I was dumb and went straight in with ink rather than pencil and for some reason I made a letter differently than I normally do and I messed up the paper (which is a thinner paper than I usually use to draw but I was trying to save money and got a cheaper sketch pad) trying to get rid of it so I could redo it. I’ll probably revisit this drawing in the future, with a larger sketch pad so I can make all the individual components bigger and more detailed and so I can *not* screw up the lettering. But… shrug. It’s the only artwork I have completed lately. I’ve several other drawings I’m working on but none that are anywhere near done.

Well with that said, it’s currently about 9:30 and I have been up since 5 and had a busy morning doing some cleaning up inside and some yardwork outside but I didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m starting to get hungry so I’m off to figure out what I want to eat. I hope y’all have had a great weekend and that your upcoming week is a good one.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot


My little mini vacation is coming to a close. I haven’t gotten as much done as I had planned to, but I got a fair bit done and am pleased. My first day I woke up early and went for a run, then spent the rest of the day cat napping and doing small tasks during the awake times. Day two I focused on catching up on the house cleaning and got some studying done. Day three I attempted another run, however my legs protested far too much. I tried to walk instead but even that was too much. I again spent the day on some clean up and organization efforts and studying. I also took down the ceiling fan I recently ordered – it worked fine for a very brief amount of time after J so kindly installed it for me but then it started making a terrible racket that drove me bonkers and I discovered not all the speeds worked so I contacted the seller to set up a replacement. Today I took said fan to the UPS store so it can be on its way back to the seller, got my grocery shopping done, have done some of the everyday clean up that life requires, studied yet some more, and now that the day is winding down I’m focusing on relaxing since tomorrow it’s up before the sun and back to work.

My sister and her family are moving to a house of their own so she’s been busy cleaning up their apartment and trying to organize things for packing up later in the summer. I decided to help her clear out some things the only way I can from a distance: I ordered a TON of yarn from her. πŸ˜‚ Like almost $300 worth of yarn a ton. Which she was kind enough to give me a discount on so I got it all for free. I loved the colors, she just wants as much stuff gone as possible. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. 😜 Not that I don’t already have enough yarn to last a lifetime, especially given my hand issues that prevent me from being able to knit or crochet too much these days. My sister plans to shut down her yarn business at the end of the year* though so I just didn’t want to take chances on the beautiful colors not being available anymore down the road and she truly just wanted to move some stuff out so…

* She has said this the last couple years but not done it so I don’t know if she’ll truly shut down or not. She gets fed up with it because she doesn’t get enough sales for it to be worth it (which is baffling to me because her yarn base selections are fantastic and her colors are truly gorgeous and her prices more than fair) but then on the other hand she truly enjoys dyeing yarn. Time will tell if she actually shuts down or keeps on going.

I’ve very much enjoyed getting to spend time with my girls the last couple of days. It’s going to be a mighty sad little paycheck and that sucks but I have missed getting to have time to snuggle and hang out with them. They have been happy about all the snuggle time as well. 😊

I was delighted to see some corn on the cob from a local farm at the store this morning – the only time I’ve ever seen such fresh corn was back in Pittsburgh at the local farm’s market. None of the grocery stores have ever had such fresh corn though even the ones who sold “local” produce (they used the word local very liberally) so it was a pleasant surprise. It looked like it had just been cut this morning. I’ll be having some with supper tonight for sure and can not wait!

I’ve also spent my day with hints of a migraine. Luckily I caught it early and the migraine formula headache pills I have were effective enough to at least keep it from getting too bad but it’s lingered on the edges of my head all day. Hopefully a good night’s sleep tonight will take care of that so that tomorrow at work can be tolerable.

And with that I am off. I’ve laundry to finish up and it’s about time to make supper.

Until next time. xoxo

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I’ve actually got two days off in a row this week. Hoping to catch up on the house cleaning with today but my hand/wrist is throwing fits a bit more than usual. I’ll accomplish what I can. I’ve got a ceiling fan being delivered later that I’ll have to put up in my bedroom. Well, I’ll try anyway. Again, hand throwing fits; I may not be able to get it installed.

Princess seems to be feeling better, for which I am grateful. She must have had a bug or something. I worry about my girls. I learned the other day that one of my coworkers used to do pet portrait paintings and she is thinking of doing so again. I will have to find out how much she would charge for that. I might like her to do paintings of both girls, as well as one of Jenna.

I was able to make a cake recently to practice stacked cakes. I realized too late that: boxed mix cakes have changed since the last time I used them – they’re MUCH too soft if you’re going to be doing anything besides a basic layer cake; I only had one icing bag left so decorating the way I originally planned was not going to happen; and I also accidentally added a bit too much cream to my icing so it was too soft for much of anything decoration-wise anyway. So I finished the cake, decorated it with sprinkles, then once I was sure I could say as far as the actual stacking/assembly I had done a suitable job I cut it into individual servings, packed it into a disposable container I wouldn’t need back, and took it to J so he could leave it in the break room at work. That way I didn’t have to worry about all those (yummy) calories winding up on my waist line. All things considered it was not a stellar cake, but it served the intended purpose.

Since I am on the subject of cake already, I thought I would share some of my cakes from work. Some (most) were for orders, while others were for the self service sales floor freezer.

Kitty cupcakes

I left the name off this one because we were not sure it was spelled correctly on the order form. The name was added later when it was picked up and the name was verified.

My coworker left this one for me to fill specifically because she knows my history/enjoyment of photography

Amusing gender reveal cake
A bit blurred thanks to a smudge of icing on my phone that I didn’t notice at the time, but I quite liked my little birdy

Truth be told, I could have done better on this one but it was called in at the last minute and I was very near the end of my shift and still had to take my mandatory 30 minute lunch break so I had to rush. They requested balloons and an inscription and threw the teddy bear request in at the last minute. So I made the teddy bear holding balloons. Thought that was a cute way to fill both those requests for the cake. Not bad for something thrown together in 10 minutes with zero advance planning, but I do wish I’d had more time to devote to it to make the teddy bear better.

This one is by far my favorite cake EVER! The customer didn’t know at all what she wanted when she came in to order for a baby shower. As we talked and I thought it over I knew what I wanted to do but it was busy and I never got a chance to draw what I had in mind for whoever filled the order, the form simply had my written and not too terribly specific notes. (“Use pink white and purple, roses with greenery, baby booties in each corner”) Luckily it worked out to where I got to fill the order, so I was able to do exactly what I had envisioned with it. My manager was there when it was picked up (I was not) and she later told me that the customer had been SO happy with it and the customer was pleased with how I had done my job both for taking and filling the order and had made sure to let my manager know I had done a great job all around. 😊 Y’all know me, I’m super hard on myself about things and so very rarely actually look at something I have done and am truly happy with it. This one though, I truly, absolutely love!

My hand tells me I’ve blogged more than enough for today so I’m off.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot


Taking my lunch break at work. Only ate about half of my fruit salad. Something off about the flavor of some of the fruits today and of course all mixed together the ones in question made the others taste off too. I will have to inspect the remaining fruit I have at home tonight and toss whatever has gone bad on me. Bummer.

I’ve been given a bit more freedom at work. Aka choosing what designs to do for the everyday cakes, rather than told what to do. I still can’t do whatever I want – we have a book we must follow. But I get to choose from the book what I want to do, as long as it fits the current season and the nearest holiday. I’m also in charge of two of the newbies today. 😲 Not sure how to feel about that one. But I have no choice in the matter.

Something is going on with Princess, lately. I don’t know if it is just her age or something else but she’s not acting herself, and she has an issue that’s got me a bit concerned. I’ll wait it out a few days and see if things resolve themselves but if not I will have to find a way to pay for a vet trip. Sigh. I think it’s just her age. But I really don’t know. I don’t like thinking about it too much either way, honestly. I can’t lose either of my girls… they drive me bonkers sometimes and have naughty moments but on the whole they’re wonderful, good girls and they are my everything.

Ok new subject before I start bawling my eyes out at work. I’ve got a new pair of running shoes that I wore for a walk over the weekend to break them in. It seems, based on that walk, the shoes I had been wearing were likely at least part of my knee and leg issues. I’ll wear the new shoes and actually run asap. Which won’t be till the weekend. We are currently understaffed but I don’t mind, that means more hours for me and I need every hour I can get.

I haven’t really had the time to do anything fun lately. I haven’t had time for much of anything. Work, eat, study, sleep… basically all there is to my life right now.

I must not be meant to get my new pet just yet. The most expensive single item needed, every time I determine I’ll get it, the store either does not have it at all or there’s only one and it’s open. I don’t trust buying open packages of things. So. We shall see.

Ok. Lunch break is about over. Time to go and check that the newbies are doing ok and get back to figuring out what I am going to do for the rest of my shift.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot


I went for my first run in approximately a month, yesterday. My knee was finally feeling well enough I felt I could give it a go. I only did half the time/distance I had hoped to, as my calves protested and my knee threatened to start pitching a royal fit again. But at least I got some running in, even if it wasn’t much. I’m not sure when I’ll try again, it depends on my work schedule and the weather. Hopefully soon, though.

My next day off work is going to be a busy one, I have lots of errands to run and things I want to get done. I feel a very strong need to declutter my house – aka get rid of the shit I have that I am no longer using. The thing most on my mind at the moment is shoes, believe it or not. I have so many shoes and I just never wear most of them anymore. Hell, some of them I have NEVER worn. I was an idiot a few years ago and bought several pairs of heels because Mr. A liked when I wore them… And we all know how that so-called relationship worked out. I mean I did not *just* buy them for him, at that time I personally enjoyed wearing heels and the fact he liked when I wore them just gave me an added way to justify buying them. I’ve since grown to prefer wearing flats, or just kitten heels rather than the sky high monstrosities I used to wear. I know I’ll never ever wear them again… so they need to go. They’re taking up valuable space just collecting dust, and they serve as a reminder of the life I thought I was going to have with A. And right now I would really like to eliminate as many physical reminders of him and those dreams as possible. If that means throwing out $100+ worth of shoes then I’m throwing out the shoes… well, I’ll take them to a consignment shop first. If I can make a few bucks from them why not. Anything that can’t be sold though is just headed for the trash. Which is sad given they’re in excellent condition but I have already tried to just give them away to friends/family first and nobody wants the stupid things.

I have finally settled on the specific item that is the single biggest expense for my new pet that I plan to get sometime in the not too terribly distant future. I’ve been reading reviews and comparing prices etc and feel like the one I’ve settled on ought to be a reasonably sound choice. Depending on finances and other stuff I need to take care of I may get that item this week, and then once that’s in place I can work on gathering up the other smaller essentials. Hopefully I can introduce you to my new pet within the next month or so. We shall see.

I have some new jeans on the way, this week. I just don’t have the time to make the trip to the store (and I really dislike the drive to the town where my preferred jeans are sold) so I ordered online instead. They were having a 30% off sale so that helped. Hopefully they fit. I am betting they will be too small. I chose 2 sizes smaller than the pair I currently wear, as the ones I currently wear require a belt or they slide off all day. I figure even if they don’t fit, it hopefully won’t be long before they do, if I can maintain my trend of losing weight.

I need to practice making stacked cakes for work. Knock on wood so far I haven’t had to make any at work yet but those orders do pop up on occasion and I need to be able to successfully do it should I be the only decorator filling orders and have a stacked cake order to fill. One of my coworkers showed me how we do the stacked cakes last week, so this weekend if I can find the time I plan to bake a cake at home to practice. Boss asked me the other day if I wanted to fill a stacked order that didn’t go out for a while and she would have time to fix it if needed but I declined (I know what a pain it is to have to fix a cake, even if you have the time) and said I planned to make one or two at home to practice, where it would make no difference if it didn’t go well. Just need the supplies to get that done. And like everything else, just need the time to do it.

I also need the energy to do all this stuff on my ever-growing to do list. The days off I have, I find I want nothing more than to sleep. I can not seem to get enough sleep, lately. My fitness tracker claimed a whopping 10.5 hours of sleep the other night and yet I still found myself fighting heavy eyelids by noon and took what I intended to be a short nap in the afternoon that turned into about 4 hours long and even after that I still just wanted to go right back to sleep. At that point I forced myself to get up and stay up just to not screw up my sleep schedule, but even so I still ended up going to bed a couple hours early because I was too tired to stay up any longer.

And with that said I need to get ready for work. Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot, Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Just sitting here for the second day in a row (well, actually most of yesterday was spent at work but in reference to the time at home) listening to my noisy, ignorant neighbors partying due to the holiday weekend. Not that the amount of noise is too different from what they’re like every other normal, non-holiday day. Sigh. Some day I’ll live out in the country somewhere and be able to enjoy only the sounds of nature and an occasional airplane and maybe some far off motor traffic… Some day…

I’ve been studying as much as possible this week but keep re-reading stuff over and over. I’ve reached the point in my lessons where there are medical terms galore and it’s all 100% over my head. I can’t seem to grasp any of it. I finished my current lesson and did the pre-exam self check quiz and failed miserably. At least the course is self paced, I can go back and re-read, yet again, the lessons from the current course and try to get a better handle on it and do the self check again, multiple times if necessary, before taking the exam so I can be sure I’ll at least actually pass the exam. It’s gotten so frustrating though. I wish I could somehow flip a switch in my brain and have all this stuff make sense and stick…

My knee is still a bit achy but mostly better. It’ll still probably be at least another week before I can run again. I think once I can start running again I’m going to just kind of make my own version of the C25K program. I’ll use the workouts from said program but customize each week to what is more achievable for me. I don’t plan to actually register and run any 5Ks so it’s not like I need to really push and get there as quickly as the actual C25K program does. I can modify it and take more time. The point, for me, isn’t necessarily to get 5K ready but to just establish a healthy habit of running for exercise. If that means doing the C25K week 1 workouts for a month before advancing to the week 2 workouts, then that’s what I’ll do. I’m going to listen to my body, not the program. To follow the actual program as it’s set up is quite intense. I admire those who can do it. But it’s not going to be right/doable for everybody and at this point in time I’m going to say for me personally it doesn’t seem to be possible/wise for me to jump in and follow the plan precisely.

I finally got a couple freestanding shelving units. Really could have used the money for other things (like setting it aside to save for some upcoming major expenses I know are coming but haven’t figured out how I’m going to cover them) but the clutter in my house is driving me bonkers. The older I get the less tolerance I have for clutter. But when you have limited storage and organization options, clutter is a bit unavoidable. Granted the units I got only served to help a minimal amount right now – but minimal help is something. I put one in the bathroom to have my laundry supplies easily accessible and to help clear a bit of counter space from things like my extra bottles of saline and contact solution and to have a place for my bath towels and such. The other went into the kitchen pantry to get a small amount of things off the kitchen counters – spice jars, containers of flour and sugars and rice and oats etc. I have such little, precious counter space… It’s still mostly covered in clutter. If I get a couple days off work in a row to focus on clean up and declutter efforts soon I MIGHT even manage to get the cabinets (of which I also have so very few to work with) cleaned out and organized. But then I do not want many days off in a row. That means less money. Which is bad. I need every penny I can get right now.

And the neighbors have turned the volume of their music up for the second time today. The longer they party the more the volume goes up. Sigh. It’s going to be a long day. When I get to my dream home in the country I plan to have a nice full-house sound system set up that will often (not always, but often) softly play classical music and other nice, peaceful instrumental pieces. And on days when I’m in the mood for non-instrumental music it’ll be my usual mix of 80s, 90s and country. So much more agreeable to my ears than the garbage my neighbors listen to. And make me listen to with them, with how loudly they blast it. 😑

Anyway. It’s about time for lunch and I’m thinking for today it’s gonna be a simple quesadilla and a salad. I’m off. I hope y’all are having a good weekend and for my fellow Americans I hope your holiday weekend is proving more pleasing than mine. Aka I hope your neighbors don’t totally suck like mine do.

Until next time. xoxo

Art, Melting Pot


My running, which I had surprisingly really been starting to look forward to, is on hold. I managed to hurt my knee. What exactly I did, I don’t know. I just know that it’s been hurting. I tried to run yesterday despite the pain. I only survived two of the six runs of my intervals and had to walk the remainder of the time instead, and ever since my knee has been very, very unhappy with me for that attempt. πŸ˜”

My friend who is my SeneGence (LipSense) distributor sent me a card to sample the three fragrances that they make. I’m super picky about fragrances, and my current everyday fragrance is almost gone so I’m starting to think on a new one. I can not choose which of the three fragrances from SeneGence I like best, they all smell really good! Which says a lot about how great they all smell, given my picky tendencies when it comes to fragrances.

I drew a mermaid to color with the recently reviewed Chromatek Glitter pens. She isn’t perfect and I still really need to work on drawing hands. But, she’s supposed to be cartoony not realistic and with that as well as my current level of wrist pain… I can live with it as is, far from perfect though it may be.

As usual, I have some laundry to deal with and a bit of other cleaning up then it’s about time for bed. Rascal is fussing – I suspect she just wants more treats. I got them some of the new Milkbone Puffs not too long ago and the girls absolutely love them. Just in case she does want something else, I should see what she wants. So I’m off.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

So Very Tired

I just can’t seem to get enough sleep, the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I sat down to study and fell asleep. Not the first time that has happened. My work schedule has included more hours than usual (a good thing) and most of them have been very early morning shifts, but I still have the odd “usual” afternoon/evening shifts as well so my sleep schedule is just fucked, and I’m feeling constantly tired as a result.

Yesterday I did week 2 run 1 of the c25k program. Today I am taking a break. I had considered going to the park just to walk, but after feeling my legs this morning when I had the dogs out and they wanted to run through the yard a bit… nope. Not gonna happen. Supposedly you need to give your muscles a day of recovery each week anyway, so this week that day will be today.

I need to focus on getting the house cleaned up anyway. Things have become cluttered, and it’s driving me bonkers but I just have not had the time to deal with it and when there has been time I’ve lacked the energy or desire. I’m going to try to at least get the kitchen and living room dealt with today. If I can do that much, it’ll be a good day. It’ll be a challenge, as I lack storage space. Maybe if I am lucky tomorrow I can find some freestanding shelving units for the (still unfinished) kitchen pantry so that I can at least get some items organized and out of the way. I had looked for said units not too long ago but couldn’t find any in the store. I’ll try again when I go out tomorrow.

The dogs no longer have tie out cables in the back yard. I had been thinking of taking them down, I never use them anyway. There are just too many loose dogs around, and I don’t want to take any chances. Not to mention the untrustworthy people around. I never got a chance to take the tie outs down, though. Mother Nature did it for me. I guess she decided I was procrastinating about it too much so did it herself, via lightning strike.

I desperately need to get my yard dealt with. It’s becoming quite a jungle. I don’t have the necessary equipment to do it myself, and frankly am uncomfortable enough with being outdoors I REALLY don’t want to do it myself anyway. But J just doesn’t have time to do it for me, B has proven unreliable, and I can’t afford to pay anybody else to do it as nobody in their right mind would accept “extremely grateful hugs and genuine appreciation” as a form of payment for anything. I have no choice but to invest in a weed eater which will have to be stored in my house (you have no idea how much I hate that) and do it myself (which I hate even more). Sigh. I really need a man in my life who can do such things for me. I really, really do…

Anyway. I want to get the cleaning up tackled so I can spend the rest of the day not worrying about it. So I’m off.

Until next time. xoxo