I am a 30-something originally from Pittsburgh living a quiet and simple life in central North Carolina, looking for that one special place that feels like home and that one special person to share it with.

Some of my interests include photography, art, reading, fiber arts (knitting and crocheting), cooking, cake decorating, and general crafts. I enjoy watching shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers and storing away completely random bits of essentially useless information about totally random topics from them. I also enjoy astronomy and history. I have a wide variety of interests, so to sit here and try to list all of them seems silly. If you hang out here long enough you’ll learn much more about me and my interests than if I tried to just make a list on this page.

I have two dogs; Princess and Rascal, and a fish named Asher.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Cherry,
    Good to meet you 🙂 Your hobbies and interests are similar to mine.
    Please don’t cringe but I had a double take on ‘ Pawn Stars’ I am dyslexic and read it as Porn Stars. Ho hum… *blushes*

    1. Hi Piglet,

      It is nice to meet you as well!

      I am not dyslexic and cannot imagine the challenges that can present, but I do misread things on occasion if I just steal a quick glance or am in a rush, and I can tell you I have misread some perfectly innocent things and thought they said VERY different things! Lol

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