Melting Pot, Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

It will be another short work week for me this week, and I assume the next several weeks will be much the same as it’s reached the summer slowdown – things won’t pick back up again till around September. The bad part of this obviously is what it means for my ability to pay bills and set aside what little precious bits I can for larger upcoming expenses and desires like taxes, fencing the yard, car inspection etc. But the good part is it gives me more time to study so hopefully I can get caught up to where I want to be with my schoolwork. Once I can get to the point where I’m done with the studies and doing the externship, that’ll help me out a bit with my finances even during the slow times at the grocery store.

My brain isn’t cooperating with me in figuring out the timeline but I have now had Princess for about 2 years (give or take a bit, I’m truly not sure but it’s definitely been more than one year but less than three) and just a bit ago I walked into my bedroom to get something and she’s lying on my bed resting. She looked at me when I entered and as I walked past her I reached out to pet her a bit. And it occurred to me just how far she’s come since she has been my dog. When I reached out to pet her, she didn’t flinch or back away from me at all, rather she lifted her head and leaned into it to enjoy the brief show of affection. When I first got her, she was absolutely terrified of everything and I had to be slow and cautious about giving her attention, giving her the time to come to me for it rather than just giving her attention such as I did just now. Back then even when she would come close, as soon as I would move to actually pet her she would back away from me. Her previous owners were not *completely* neglectful with her… But they were not kind to her either. They kept her fed, watered, and sheltered… But that was it. She was more often than not confined to a far too small crate kept hidden under a table (where she often stayed by choice, thinking that was simply where she was meant to be), and she was often yelled at and hit when she wasn’t in the crate because in her times out of the crate she would be naughty. But her behavior that earned the yelling and hitting from her previous owners was not her fault – she was a dog being a dog, that nobody had taken the time to train and teach the rules of the house. When I got her, Princess was a skittish, fearsome, distrusting dog who would slink around low to the ground, tail between her legs, looking for small confined places to hide and always expecting the worst. Now she’s a happy, comfortable, trusting, affectionate girl who has free run of the house and walks around tall and proud and happily wagging her tail. (Like my Rascal who I have had since she was a pup. So I have two happy girls.) Princess still has her moments when she is naughty and tests my patience, but on the whole she’s a good girl and thinking back on how she was treated previously and how she was when I first got her… It makes me happy that she’s got a good, happy life now and she can know not all humans are going to be mean to her. I’m not sure of her exact age but she is an older dog, 8-10 if not a bit older. I don’t like to think too much about her age. But I do think of it sometimes, and I do think how glad I am that though the first part of her life was sad, her later years get to be happy. ❤🐶🐶

I’ve got a new hair care product I will be reviewing soon once I have used it a couple more times. I’m excited to share about it – I kind of planned to do that post today but then Princess and I had our moment and it got me thinking about her so I wanted to post about her instead, and throw in some other random bits to make it a Sunday Somethings post. Won’t hurt to use the product a couple more times before reviewing, anyway. Hint: if you follow me on Twitter you might already know the product line in question though not the specific product. 😉

I got a box of goodies from my dad yesterday in the mail. He sent some containers for my lunches in what he now refers to as being “my color” as he knows it’s a color I like that I have tried to use as my main color for my kitchen and all kitchen related tools and gadgets. (The light turquoise/aqua color of my KitchenAid mixer.) He also sent some cute silicone ice cube trays that make pineapple shaped ice cubes, a bottle of vanilla extract (he knew I am almost out), a bottle of Heinz mayonaisse (hilariously enough… he knows I love it but can’t always find it in the store, and his timing was impeccible as I literally just used up the last of my previous jar a couple days ago), some absolutely adorable tea infusers (more on those in a future post), and a fresh herb keeper set which has two countertop containers you place fresh herbs in and they are supposed to help keep the herbs fresh longer than traditional methods of storage. The set also included an herb knife, an herb stripper, and 3-bladed herb shears. (I’ll share more about this in a future post as well, but it will be a while till I get to this one.) I have an awesome, thoughtful dad and I love him so much!

I did a new drawing last week which is far, far from my best work. But I had the idea in my head for months, courtesy of frequently listening to Bon Jovi in the car. (My “driving” music consists of a lovely mix of 80s, 90s, country, and a few random songs of other genres/more current music I don’t normally listen to but maybe like a song here and there. If you wonder which category Bon Jovi falls under, it would be the “have lots of their music” category not the “eh, don’t like it usually but this one song is awesome” category lol.) I usually do larger images because it’s hard for me to get details in on smaller images but this one required I make the components of the overall image smaller… So in that regard it honestly isn’t that good. And then when I added the lettering I was dumb and went straight in with ink rather than pencil and for some reason I made a letter differently than I normally do and I messed up the paper (which is a thinner paper than I usually use to draw but I was trying to save money and got a cheaper sketch pad) trying to get rid of it so I could redo it. I’ll probably revisit this drawing in the future, with a larger sketch pad so I can make all the individual components bigger and more detailed and so I can *not* screw up the lettering. But… shrug. It’s the only artwork I have completed lately. I’ve several other drawings I’m working on but none that are anywhere near done.

Well with that said, it’s currently about 9:30 and I have been up since 5 and had a busy morning doing some cleaning up inside and some yardwork outside but I didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m starting to get hungry so I’m off to figure out what I want to eat. I hope y’all have had a great weekend and that your upcoming week is a good one.

Until next time. xoxo

1 thought on “Sunday Somethings”

  1. It’s so wonderful how far Princess has came in her trust and security. It’s pitiful; to think of her sadness she must have experienced in her previous years. Bless her heart. I’m so thankful she’s living with love and companionship with Rascal and you.
    I hope your girls made through the 4th without too much stress. We stayed in the 4th and kept Sheli comforted.
    Your Dad is such a peach. You’re a lucky girl. 🙂
    I like your drawing it’s quite creative and says a lot.
    Have a good weekend.

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