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Of Bee Stings & Other Things

Not that weekdays versus weekends are important when you are not working, but I am glad this week is almost over. 

Both Princess and I got stung by a yellowjacket. Long story short I was trying to get her back in the house while she wanted to go after a stray chihuahua that runs around here, the bee stung her first then I managed to get us inside but I wasn’t fast enough to keep the bee out. He got me too, then thankfully flew onto the window and I was able to exterminate him – with my spatula, the closest most suitable weapon I saw in the heat of the moment –  so he couldn’t continue his attack. We are both fine, and Rascal thankfully somehow escaped the whole ordeal unscatched. 

My wrists are rather unhappy, especially my right wrist. Yes, again/still/whatever.  It gets a bit better for a while but never fully better, then hurts badly again. I was talking to my aunt the other night and she mentioned the possibility of arthritis. When I first had wrist problems as a teenager the doctor diagnosed it as tendonitis, but that isn’t typically chronic as it has been for me. My mom (RN) doesn’t think the symptoms sound like CTS. My aunt was the first one to mention the possibility of arthritis. Doesn’t matter, I can’t afford to get to a doctor to try to find out for sure one way or another, anyway. I’m just trying to get through one day at a time the best I can, right now. 

I wasn’t able to get much sleep last night. Neighbors had their music blaring for several hours and it kept me both annoyed and awake for a good deal of the night. Then they fired it up again early this morning and woke me up well before I had gotten nearly enough sleep to not be a grumpy pants today. 

I rediscovered one of my UFO’s (that is Un-Finished Object, for those not familiar with knit/crochet slang) and though it was started only a year ago I could not for the life of me remember what pattern I had been using. As I contemplated frogging it (ripping out the stitches to start over) I finally remembered there was no pattern – it was just something I was making on my own. Of course this is still little help as I can’t remember what the heck I was planning to do with the darned thing. I know I had written it down but I have been through every notebook I have, and haven’t found anything that matches what has already been done on the item. I am not about to frog it, so this means I get to try to figure out how in the world I want to finish it up. This isn’t necessarily going to be easy, but at least it is easier than if I had been using a pattern and had to try to figure out what pattern it was. 

I have more job applications to submit. So I am off. 

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Of Bee Stings & Other Things”

  1. I’m sad to hear about the yellow jacket stings. Those are so painful. I hope you and Princess have healed from them quickly.
    About the free-range Chihuahua, I can’t figure out what goes on in the mind of some dog owners. I can’t imagine letting my wee one out without me being right there with him. I’m thankful you take care to have your girls in hand and averted what could have been a very ugly situation.

    I’m sorry your wrists are still ailing you. I hope someday soon you can see a doctor. Bless your heart.

    I can relate to the loud music of neighbors. I’m baffled as to how neighbors can be so inconsiderate like that. You can bet, if it was you, there’d be police officiers knocking on your partying door tell you to cool it or get ticketed/sited or something.

    I look forward to seeing your knitting ufo rediscovered project. I bet it’ll be better than you had originally planned.

    I wish you oodles of good luck with your job search. I hope you get a job with health benefits and can get to the doctor to treat your wrists.

    Take care and have a great weekend.


    1. I had never been stung by a yellow jacket before. Other little bees sure but not a yellow jacket. You’re right, it hurts! I am still quite itchy from it but can tell it is healing.

      There are loads of dogs that run loose here – some seem to be looked after while others are obviously strays that have been on their own for some time. It breaks my heart – I want to save every single one. But there’s little I can do about it. I make sure my girls are never outside without being secured either with their leashes or on cable tie outs. When they are on the tie outs I still stay out with them and don’t leave them unsupervised. Knowing how many loose dogs there are (not to mention untrustworthy people walking around) leaving them out unsupervised for even a moment could be dangerous, so I simply don’t do it. I hope I can get the back yard fenced for them soon so they can at least have some off leash time to run and play, but till they can do that safely it just isn’t going to happen.

      The neighbors are noisy more often than not, and you’re absolutely right that if I made such noise they would complain in an instant! I am a quiet kind of person – I don’t like to have the volume loud when I watch tv or listen to music (occasionally I do like some songs a little louder though I can’t explain why lol) so for them to have their music loud enough that I can hear it in every room of my house louder than I would have my own music on… I don’t dare complain about it though. They’d know the complaint came from me, and they already don’t like me anyway. I just keep my head down and mind my own business and hope that if I just don’t bother them they won’t bother me either.

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