No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday


3 thoughts on “No Filter Friday”

  1. Great close up of your knitting. I wish I had the skills for knitting. There’s so many gorgeous patterns out there.
    I bet the wooden knitting rods feel nice in your hands… And there’s the added bonus if you feel adventurous you can always use them for vampire hunting. 😀

    1. Ahahaha! Hopefully I never need to find out how effective they are for vampire hunting! They are definitely some of my favorites though, they are Knitter’s Pride Cubics, and are made of rose wood and are cube/square shaped rather than the traditional cylinder/round shape. Which sounds weird but they are comfortable to use.

      I designed the pattern for the project in this picture. The pattern itself is complete but the sample piece isn’t and I have a ways to go yet before it is. Hence the actual item being kept out of the picture. My wrists are really acting up lately so I am not sure when I will be able to finish it. Hopefully soon so I can take pictures and make the pattern available. 🙂

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