Melting Pot

Saturday Somethings

I wish that instead of being set up to “add friends to group” facebook would implement INVITING friends to a group, like the way you can invite people to like a page. I know friends typically either mean well or, more often, are just doing what is necessary for some giveaway/contest, but I for one do not appreciate being added to a group without being asked first. Now luckily most of my fb friends are family, and we tend to not be a very sociable lot. So it is not often an issue anyway. But there are some friends on my list who are indeed “just friends” and they sometimes don’t realize or remember my thoughts and feelings about things like this. My family being a bit antisocial means they mostly feel the same way I do, but my friends are usually more socially active and don’t realize that just adding someone to a group on facebook isn’t always a great idea. Obviously I am writing about it so that means it happened recently. Friend was just doing it to enter a giveaway so I get it… and I will let it slide. I am already a member of a similar group though and don’t care to be part of another. I’ll stay in the group for the duration of the giveaway to help friend but once a winner is selected I will leave the group, as I am a bit tired of seeing the posts in my feed and facebook doesn’t seem to want to give me an option to just hide/unfollow the posts made to the group. 

My dad called me from the store today to verify what he was getting… then said he was getting it for me. I had thought he was getting the items for himself, because he had previously talked about wanting them. Since he was there I asked him to pick up a bottle of cajun seasoning for me as I can’t find any good cajun seasoning around here. I’ll be happy to get these things. He said he will mail them, but then he also said he wants to try to visit my aunt in Virginia soon before school starts and I don’t know if they would turn it into a trip here to see me too or not but if so he may just bring the stuff with him rather than mailing it. I am sure the dogs would love to see him. I just got a little box of things from him this week and he had mostly sent things down for them; I know he misses them. He has gotten two cats since I moved and took the dogs with me. Not something he had planned to do but I am glad he did, so he has some companionship. Their names are Tiger and Jasper. I have met them before (they used to belong to a family friend but said friend moved and couldn’t take the cats hence my dad taking them) and they are sweet little guys. 

The weather is actually really nice today. It’s overcast so it isn’t hot but it is nice and warm with a cool breeze… the dogs want out constantly, they love the weather. As do I. This is the kind of day we used to spend nearly all day outside. I really must see if I can work out getting the back yard fenced, so we can go enjoy these nice days without the girls being leashed so that they can really run and play and burn off some energy, without potential for any of the numerous strays to come along and force us inside, without nosy neighbors to deal with… 

And with that said Rascal has chosen this moment to start telling me she wants outside again. So I am off. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. 

Until next time. xoxo


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