No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday

“P” is for “peruvian daffodils” and “please bloom”. 😂 Granted these need to be in much bigger pots than they are currently in (I have two pots, and a third pot which holds a dahlia that also has not yet come anywhere close to blooming and needs a larger pot) but I have not been able to squeeze new pots and potting soil into the budget. So I just keep hoping I don’t kill the poor things while they remain in their too-small pots. Truthfully I don’t know enough about these/gardening to know if they are supposed to bloom for me this year or not. I planted them in May shortly before my move. Do daffodils and dahlias bloom the year you first plant the bulbs? The packaging didn’t say one way or the other but I know some flowers when you plant the bulbs they can take a year or more before you actually start getting blooms from them. 

Anyway, in the mean time while trying to keep them alive, they are still interesting to observe. 🙂

Until next time. xoxo


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