Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes

I thought that I might start a new series of posts, kind of like No Filter Friday. I am undecided at the moment if I will do this weekly, biweekly, monthly, whatever. But I thought that it might be a nice addition here. 

No real “rules” if you wish to join me in posting your own Tuesday Tunes – just share a music video from YouTube for a song you want to share. 

For me, the songs I will be sharing will be ones that express how I feel, or maybe just songs that I have had stuck in my head lately or am currently listening to a lot. I’ll not tell you exactly what my reasoning is behind the song choice for a given post though. Other than this post listing a couple of the possibilities, you’ll be in the dark. Cause who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery from time to time? 

With all that said, let’s kick off the first edition of this series shall we? This particular video is a fan lyric video, which does contain a mistake. However it is one of only two videos currently available for this song and the other one was edited in a way that completely ruins the song. So, I went with the video with imperfect lyrics.

Until next time. xoxo


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