Intuitive Journaling

In a recent post I shared a youtube video on intuitive art journals. Click here if you missed it and want to check it out before continuing with this post. I’ll wait here for you. 

As I mentioned in that post, Marta once again left me feeling very inspired. I’ve got a thing about respecting books though so I knew it would be hard for me to get started on my own intuitive journal. 

I tend to not keep books I don’t absolutely love or put to moderate use but I looked over my bookshelves and found I do in fact have a couple books I didn’t care for but had not yet gotten rid of. I selected one and set about beginning my own intuitive journaling adventure. 

Thus far I have completed just three pages (“pages” referring to technically two pages, but I wanted to do it this way). It all looks like something a three year old would do, but that’s ok. The point of intuitive journaling is to not think too much about it – don’t plan, just do. You can use whatever mediums you like, mix and match as you please. You can include lettering/writing if you want which I may do on a future page but haven’t so far. It’s all 100% up to you how to fill your pages, but always remember to just let your creativity flow uninhibited and “go with your gut”. The results may not always necessarily be pretty, and probably will not be anything super amazing… but that isn’t the goal. The goal is to just relax and enjoy yourself. 

My craft supplies are currently and for the foreseeable future very limited so I have just been making the best of what I have to work with. 

My first page was absolutely random nonsense… acrylic paint, markers, glue, glitter, rhinestones, and bullion beads went into this oh so masterfully created page. šŸ¤£

Hey, I DID say before you saw that, it looked like something a three year old would do. I never claimed to be good at this art thing either so if you were expecting otherwise… well I don’t know where in the world you would get that idea. Lol  

(Just for the record the pieces I share here that actually might be considered good are things I spent many hours on and usually take at least a couple days if not weeks for me to complete. This is the kind of stuff that happens if I try to just go with the flow and spontaneously create something in a brief amount of time. šŸ˜‚)

My second page was also quite random, but a little less chaotic. Sort of. Haha. It involved acrylic paint, clear gesso, and a LOT of glitter. And I do mean a LOT of glitter, even by my glitterholic standards.

Embrace that glittery goodness y’all! Lol

My third page involved acrylic paint, some thin painter’s tape, glue, rhinestones, and bullion beads. 

There are heart shaped rhinestones on this page

Flower shaped rhinestones with bullion beads placed in the center to add a finishing touch

So far I am quite enjoying intuitive journaling. 

It also occurred to me that this would be an awesome thing for parents with small children (or grandparents with their grandkids etc – anyone with kids in their life) – little ones are always creating artwork and once they start school they bring a lot home from school as well. Much as you want to keep it all, there is just too much and you have to choose a few pieces to save and toss the rest. An intuitive journal for your little ones wouldn’t put an end to that necessarily, but if you gathered a couple old books and supplied the kids with lots of craft supplies and allow them to paint one page a week (or however often, just be sure the pages have time for any paints and glues to be completely dried/cured before moving on to the next or your pages will get stuck together!) then you will eventually have a whole book full of their artwork you can save! Even if they fill up several books over the years, storing several books takes up a lot less space and is much easier than trying to save the mountains of loose pages and other crafts they create and bring home from school! And if they do bring home something particularly special you want to keep it could potentially (depending on size) be glued into their intuitive journal. 

Just remember when selecting a book to use as an intuitive journal to choose books with nice heavy pages so they can hold up to the various mediums you will be using to decorate the pages. Think cook books or school text books (obviously I mean ones that you have purchased and own, not ones that belong to a school and are meant to be turned in at the end of the school year!) – and if you don’t already have any such books you can easily get some very cheaply at thrift shops or yard/garage sales, or maybe even from a library if they are getting rid of some books they no longer wish to keep on their shelves.

Until next time. xoxo


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