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Favorite Apps, Volume 2

It has been quite a while since I posted Volume 1 for my Favorite Apps series of posts. I have a couple drafts saved for a couple more apps but have not gotten to finishing them yet and since my internet access is currently limited to mobile that means I am blogging using the WordPress App. (Which, fyi, is not among my favorite apps despite my regular use of it.) I swear I used to be able to access drafted posts in the app easily but I haven’t been able to get to them since one of the newer app updates. 

So I am finally just starting a new post to introduce you to another game app that I very much enjoy: Polyforge from ImpactBlue Studios. This app is available on Android and iOS. 

Polyforge is super simple to play yet also challenging. The only thing you have to do is tap the screen. But you have to time it just right, and that is where the challenge comes in. 

Each level presents you with a polygon (hence the name of the app) which spins. There is also a little arrow that orbits the spinning polygon. Each time you tap the screen, the arrow hits the polygon. The goal is to hit every side of the polygon ONCE. Hit the same side twice and you must start the level over again. You know which sides you have already hit because they will “glow”, as shown in the screenshot below.

Another important part of the asthetics of the game is sound. There is some really lovely music that plays as part of the game – every successful tap to light up a side of the polygon plays a single note of music. Tapping at just the right speed will let the notes flow together nicely, but remember to not hit the same side twice!

The color scheme changes with each level, as well as after so many failed attempts to complete a single level. I personally find that sometimes the colors are helpful or detrimental in how easily you can complete a level. That could just be me. 

The game is ad-supported so you will from time to time see an ad between levels. If you so desire, you can pay to remove the ads from the game. This will cost you a very reasonable $0.99 USD. (I do not find the ads to be intrusive so I have not paid to go ad free on this one.) 

It is overall a very appealing game. It is not one I play daily, but every few days I’ll open the app and try to complete a couple levels.

Until next time. xoxo


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