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Intuitive Journaling (Art)

Marta’s latest youtube video is yet another incredibly inspiring one. It is about “intuitive journaling”. Just watch and see for yourself what this means: 

This is such an awesome use for old books you no longer want or need! I think I have a couple books that while not necessarily old are ones I don’t care for yet I haven’t gotten rid of them. I may start an intuitive journal with one of them. I need more art supplies, my current stash is so very limited. 

This would be a challenge for me though as I have this thing about “treating books with respect”. I try so hard to keep my books pristine and new looking – I avoid breaking the spines, never EVER dog ear pages (the absolute horror! Buy some bookmarks people, they are cheap!) or write in my books etc. So the idea of “ruining” a book this way… well I have some serious mental barriers to get through, let’s leave it at that lol. 

Have you ever made an intuitive journal? I’d honestly never heard of it till watching Marta’s video. 

Until next time. xoxo


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