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10 Random Facts

I have not done a random facts post in a long time, and I have gotten a lot of new readers over the past several weeks (🤗) so thought it might be time for a new one. If you have been here a while, or know me “in real life” you may already know some of these things about me. (Some may be things already posted in previous random facts, I’m not pulling up the previous posts to see what I have already posted. Feeling lazy like that. Lol) 

1. Unlike a lot of my fellow Americans, I don’t get all starry eyed and flirtatious over British accents. Aussie accents are what makes my heart flutter! (I think I might have enjoyed a Keith Urban concert more for getting to hear him talk than getting to hear the live music. Though the music was awesome, too, of course.) 

2. I dont like hate talking on the phone. If I have to call to make appointments or ask a question, set up a service etc it makes me so nervous I get sweaty and shaky and my heart races. I’ve been this way my entire life. The very first time I remember making a phone call was when I was just three or four and I was instructed to call my friend to come over to play. Much as I wanted her to come play, I did NOT want to call her! I also remember that though I tried to make that call, my dad had to finish it for me, I was that unable to talk on the phone even with my (then) best friend. I have learned to do it when I must of course but I avoid it when I can and if I have to call I spend hours (days, weeks, however long I possibly can!) putting it off, rehearsing what I want/need to say in my head, I will even write things down so I can READ what I need to say on the phone. Heaven help me when folks say something or ask a question I didn’t anticipate. That leaves me completely flustered.

3. Once upon a time, I thought I might some day have some sort of musical career. Well, to quote one of my favorite tv shows (I Love Lucy) “As a dancer, I have 2 left feet, and as a singer, I sound like a bull moose pulling his foot out of the mud.”😂 

4. I can’t sleep if I’m hot. During the day I can put up with the heat a little more though I do generally prefer cooler temperatures, but come bed time it has to be cooler or I just can not fall/stay asleep!

5. To tie in with the above, ironically enough I also can not sleep without having a blanket or sheet over me. Yes, I am a living, breathing, walking contradiction. Don’t try too hard to make sense of me, you’ll just give yourself a headache. 😜 

6. I can french braid my own hair, but not someone else’s. 

7. I don’t like store-bought icing. It is always way too sweet. I have no problem taking a shortcut on cake and using a boxed mix, but the icing has to be homemade or it is inedible, to me.

8. (Spoken in best tv commercial narrator voice:) This post is brought to you by Insomnia. I periodically have boughts of insomnia. Such as now. If I am going to be awake I may as well do something semi-productive with my time. Not sure lying in bed blogging counts as even semi-productive, but I’m gonna go with it regardless!

9. I have a birth mark on my left leg.

10. I am 100% an introvert. Even simple errands with few brief social interactions leave me feeling totally drained. 

Until next time. xoxo 


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