Melting Pot


I mentioned in a recent post that J kindly ordered a new charger (which came with two new batteries) for my DSLR for me because the original charger has wandered off as a result of moving. 

Naturally, now the camera is not working properly. It is taking very dark photos, despite lots of natural light and also having the settings where if it were working properly the images would be totally blown out from overexposure. ISO at 1600, aperture as wide open as it will go, shutter down in the two digit slow shutter range, I have tried all metering modes… and pictures are all still much darker than they ought to be (and of course with the high ISO and slow shutter, grainy and blurred) but if I use settings that SHOULD apply for the situation the resulting images are pitch black. I cannot for the life of me figure it out, and trying to search google just leads to answers on dark images that assume one is stupid new to photography and not using proper settings for the situation. 

This model of camera was originally released in 2006 and if I remember correctly I got mine in early 2007. (You know, once it was obsolete and thus more affordable though still a hefty chunk of money.) It’s seen a lot of use over the years – from trips to the zoo, NHL games, weddings of friends and family, monthly photo challenges, birthday parties to everyday snaps and all that’s inbetween – and it has been mostly good to me. A couple yeara ago it did start giving me some trouble – I could work around the initial problem though so saw it as something to address when I could but no need to rush to do it. Then it just flat out stopped working entirely. By the time I was in a place where I could take it to a shop to be looked at the problem seemed to fix itself and the camera worked flawlessly. So I skipped the trip to the repair shop, and got another approximate year of use of it, and now it wants to be trouble again. 

It MIGHT be time for a new camera, and not in an “I just want one” way but in an “I actually need one” way. Problem is cameras are expensive. Even if you get a slightly outdated model, or one that is “refurbished”, you’re looking at a healthy investment. One I absolutely cannot afford. 

The thing is, I had been thinking recently about renewing my efforts at actually making money from my photography. I’ve been doing lots of researching on different sites to sell prints, set up portfolios, and have been looking into stock photography as well. Yeah I have my point & shoot and my phone (both of which are used most often for my No Filter Friday posts here), but if you want to sell your photos (especially as stock photos) they need to be higher quality than either of those will produce, and that means you need a DSLR.

Maybe this is a sign to not keep beating a dead horse and just give up the photography dream once and for all. 😕

Until next time. xoxo


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