Simple Sunday

I decided this morning to go grocery shopping at one of the actual grocery stores rather than WalMart as usual. That didn’t really stick. Once I got into the store and saw the limited selection of products and the prices on what they did have, I decided to check out with the handful of items I had found that were decent deals, then headed off to trusty ol’ WalMart to get everything else on my list. 

I made a pit stop in the art supply aisle, not at all expecting to find what I wanted. I was wrong – they did indeed have exactly what I wanted – a nice, simple set of acrylic paints. I debated for several minutes whether or not to get it. If you have been here a while you probably already know this post is happening because I successfully talked myself into the purchase. 

Once I got home and had taken the dogs out and had all the groceries put away, I gathered my supplies and got to work on a painting. My inspiration for this came from two sources: Marta’s previously shared YouTube (Maremi SmallArt) as well as a mug and plate set I have. 

First, here is Marta’s video that was the initial inspiration: 

The plate and mug set I have that was additional inspiration: 

And of course, the finished painting: 

As usual, it is far from perfect but I like it and I had fun creating it, which is the whole point. 

Rascal is making a fuss wanting outside, so I’m off. I hope y’all have had a nice weekend. 

Until next time. xoxo 


2 thoughts on “Simple Sunday”

  1. Cherry, I love this! The background colours and sillouette. It reminds me of a photo I took many years ago of the sunset shining through naked winter trees. All you saw was the black outline of the trees against hues of golds and ambers.

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