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First things first. In my recent post about painted rocks I shared my creation but didn’t say what my inspiration for the design was. I’ve edited that post to add my inspiration – just click here to go to that post, and scroll all the way to the end for the edit. For those who don’t want to go back to that post; my inspiration was one of my very favorite books as a child: The Velveteen Rabbit. 

My sister introduced me to a very fun youtube channel a while back. I subscribed immediately. I love everything about it, from the content to the creator’s beautiful accent and her encouraging nature… her name is Marta and her channel is Maremi SmallArt. Over the weekend I decided to try one of the techniques she’s shared. I discovered a couple small canvas boards while unpacking so figured why not. 

I only have three colors of paint at the moment, and these particular canvas boards are awful quality, but for the sake of experimenting they served the purpose well enough. They are warped though (they were like this right out of the packaging), which means the paint pools in certain areas and runs off others leaving them bare, which you can see in the pictures below. Also, adding paint makes them warp even more. Not quality at all, but again, for the sake of experimenting a bit, they worked. 

I want to do this on larger, quality canvas some time, with more colors of paint. A squeegee would be helpful as well. (I used the edge of one of my small paint palettes for these ones.) It was fun to do, and very simple.

Here’s Marta’s video on how to do this technique: 

I got the pest control product my sister’s guy recommended to me over the weekend. Of course it was raining when it came Saturday. It dried up a bit Sunday though so I mixed some of it up and sprayed the back yard. I was probably more generous with the application than necessary. I was fed up with the mosquitoes and ticks though, I needed to be sure I was treating the yard thoroughly. After application it needs at least an hour to dry and during this time you’re to keep pets and kids away from the treated area – but once it has dried it is safe. I kept the dogs inside for about two hours to be sure it had time to dry, since I had been rather generous in the application. Upon our first outing after treatment, I kept a close eye on the ground for any creepy crawlies. I saw nothing. Ok, there were two flies eventually – they don’t count. I saw NOTHING in the yard that I didn’t want to see. It rained later in the afternoon. Once it passed again we went out, and again there was nothing of note in the yard. This morning, same. I feel it’s still too soon to truly say if it was worth the investment or not. They claim it lasts 6 months. I’ll wait it out a while and see how it seems to be holding up. My first impression, though, is that it is awesome stuff. For the first time since being here I have been able to go out without spraying bug spray on myself and I come back inside without any new mosquito bites and without ticks crawling on me. Knock on wood and fingers crossed, this stuff just might be worth every penny and a household staple. I’ll update down the road once I have a better idea of its long term effectiveness, though. 

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “ Randoms

  1. Your art work is so pretty. I hope you hang it on your walls. Well done.
    I subscribed to the Maremi SmallArt channel. I’ll go watch a few of the videos sometime. It looks to be a lot of learning fun. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope the treatment works like it says and you have a full 6 months free of those horrible insects. I know you and your girls are much happier enjoying the yard with out being bitten and bugged.
    Have a great week. 🙂

    1. I probably will eventually, once I get frames. And have finished walls. Lol

      Marta has such a wide variety of crafty videos and tutorials, I could easily spend hours watching and learning!

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