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My job hunt continues, thus far unsuccessfully. Surely there’s a job out there somewhere that doesn’t require a college degree, would have limited social interaction to suit my introverted nature, and wouldn’t be hell on my hands/wrists… but what the heck is it? 

My right wrist is still painful, but the left seems to have improved. Makes sense since I am a righty and my right wrist does see more use doing everyday things. I have been resting it as much as possible and trying to limit its use though; it really ought to be feeling better by now at least minimally. It’s frustrating that it’s still hurting as much as it is. 

Despite using an insect repellant every time I take the dogs out, I have still managed to have ticks crawling on me when I come back inside, the last couple days. I got fed up last night upon disposing of a second one, and ordered a product my sister’s guy recommended I use to treat the yard. It’s supposedly safe around animals and effective for up to 6 months even through rain, you just need a dry day to apply it. I got the ship notice on it today. As soon as it gets here, I’ll spray every inch of the back yard. Not worried about the front, I don’t use it anyway. The neighbors use it… but if they get ticks using my yard at their leisure I kinda don’t care. I am only concerned about protecting myself and my dogs from the nasties, and since we only use the back yard that means I will only treat the back.

I have taken some time over the past couple days, between the infuriating and disheartening job search and application sessions, to complete a series of drawings I started last year. I’d already sketched out two of the drawings in pencil. The original plan had been to color them with marker but I decided that wasn’t going to end well so I thought about colored pencil or even airbrushing. I ultimately decided to just finish them with charcoal and leave them as black and white drawings. Then I sketched the third and final drawing and yesterday got it charcoaled and sprayed with matte finish to seal it so it doesn’t smear or smudge. They are far from perfect, but I am happy with them. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share here but, why not? This is my Little Ballerinas series: 


I have been giving some thought to giving Etsy a go, though I am not sure right now what exactly I would sell or if it is worth the effort. I know some folks have great success on Esty, but I know others who could never make it work out. I even entertained the thought of potentially turning myself into competition for my sister, and hand dyeing yarn to sell. I’m not convinced that market is still all that profitable though; knitting/crochet really had a boost in popularity for a while but it seems to have faded away again. I’ve tried selling my photos before with no success. I dunno. All just part of the “I really need to earn some income” chaos/desperation flooding my thoughts these days. Hell, not even “these days” – it has been on my mind for many years while I have made failed attempt after failed attempt, it’s just a more dire situation now than it once was. 

Anyway. J was kind enough to pay somebody to mow the lawn for me. Yay for at least not having to deal with that myself! I’ve mowed the lawn (not here but back in Pittsburgh) a few times and it is NOT a chore I want to deal with if I don’t have to. Dude left a little bit ago so I need to venture out and inspect his work, see if he did a decent enough job to have him return when it needs done again. 

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Things”

  1. I’m sorry your wrists are still hurting. I hope you find a job that won’t cause them any unnecessary pain.
    Your ‘Little Ballerinas’ are adorable. You captured emotions of the moment in each of them. That’s not easy to do. Well done!
    I hate that you’re having a tick problem. Ticks can cause such horrifying health issues for pets and humans. I’m glad J had someone mow. That should help some. Your ordering the yard treatment should be a huge help to control the little devils.
    Etsy has such a wide variety of catagories, I wish you much success if you decide to give it a try.
    I hope you have a pleasant weekend.

    1. Thanks E.C. My wrists are very slowly getting better now. Very, very slowly. But that’s better than nothing.

      I’m still considering Etsy. They have changed things since I last used it as either a seller or a buyer so I need to look into what the changes mean particularly from a seller’s standpoint. Something about the payment system.

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