Recently my sister sent me a picture of a painted rock that had been left on her sidewalk. She found out it had been left by one of niece’s friends who lives down the street and upon further investigation she discovered that this is a big community thing, and it is not just in Pittsburgh; it is basically everywhere. 

The deal is you get rocks (such as “river stones” that are reasonably smooth and flat) and paint them with happy little pictures, colors, and/or messages, then hide/leave them in public places around your town or in neighbor’s yards. The thought is that finding the stones will bring a little unexpected happiness to the finder’s day. Some communities even host rock painting events where participants can mingle while painting their rocks before hiding them once they are completed.

It’s a cute idea, I think. Though not one I am willing to actually spend money on to participate. I happened to spot a rock in my yard that looked like it had potential to be perfect for this little crafty venture – a decent size, reasonably smooth, and it kind of looked like a heart. I brought it inside, cleaned it up and set to work. It still needs to be sealed but the design is done. 

The problem? 

I kinda like it too much to go hide it somewhere. 

Yep. I am going to be selfish. 

I am keeping it for myself. It’s far from perfect but I am pleased with it. 

Who knows what my inspiration for the design was? I’ll edit this post in a few days with the answer. 

Edited to add: My inspiration for this design was one of my favorite childhood books, The Velveteen Rabbit!

Until next time. 



3 thoughts on “

  1. Aw, the painted rocks are such a fun idea.
    I agree your rock art is too pretty to hide. It’s so cute.
    I look forward to your rabbit update.
    Have a charming rest of the week.

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