Melting Pot


Oh, wrists… why do you have to trouble me so? 

Despite resting my wrists as much as possible this weekend, my wrists are still tingly and hurting. I was massaging my right wrist today while in the car with J and I’m not sure if he heard me or not but in the process I learned that massaging sore wrists is not necessarily wise as I found a very tender spot that hurt so badly with even light pressure on it I said “ouch” out loud. Said spot still hurts to touch. Have I mentioned lately how incredibly much it sucks to have wrist problems like this? 😩

We got J’s old living room furniture moved to my place today. It isn’t great furniture but it is decent and it beats not having any. The dogs love it already. Princess was using it as an obstacle course when I got home from lunch with J – she’d barrel down the hall into the living room, jump on the couch and run across it then jump to the loveseat, down to the floor and back down the hall, lap after lap after lap. Then she sacked out for a nap on the loveseat. 

Still feeling stressed out and unhappy. Also lonely. Having the dogs helps, which is part of why I was so adamant about bringing them with me even though having them made the move a bit more complicated than it otherwise would have been. But even with them around… it’s lonely sometimes.

Anyway, I have laundry to hang up to dry then need to try to get some sleep. Hope y’all have had a nice weekend. 

Until next time. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Wrists

  1. Bless your heart. Have you been to see a doctor about them lately. Perhaps there’s a new medicine that I haven’t hung clothes out in years.
    Princess looks so content napping on your couch. She must have wore herself out running the new obstacle course. I can just imagine what Rascal thought of the high energetic antics of Princess.
    Clothes dried outside have such a wonderful fresh smell. No dryer or fabric softener will ever match good old sunshine and fresh air.
    I hope you got some good rest this weekend.

    1. I haven’t been to a doctor about my wrists in a long time. I probably should try to get a visit in, but for now not able to do that so just have to keep managing it as best I can.

      Rascal joined Princess a bit but stuck to running laps and didn’t jump on the furniture. She likes to just snuggle and relax on it rather than turn it into an obstacle course lol.

      I actually hang my clothes inside to dry. There is not room (or the necessary vent/electric hookup) for a dryer here and with the neighborhood being as it is, I avoid being outside unless I really need to be. It works. Just chasing the dream of being able to move to a better neighborhood for now.

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