Melting Pot

Week 1

Though not quite a full week since I started Wednesday, this week was my first week of work. My entire body hurts and I am exhausted. I am currently in the break room waiting to start today’s shift, as thanks to my trusting google maps on their live traffic report and time estimate I thought it was going to take longer than usual to get here. It didn’t.  Aalmost got here too early according to company policy (not to be on company property earlier than one hour prior to scheduled start time) but not quite. I do like being here early. Just not this early. 

Gonna be a long sucky day. My wrists are not liking this job and are already hurting today. Not sure I can do this long term. I spoke to the on site manager yesterday about my concerns in this regard. She said if I can to ride out this week and we can reevaluate on Monday. Which was what I wanted to do anyway. Today is the last day for this week. Have to go grab some groceries on the way home after my shift tonight. Then I will have a day of freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom. That will fly by in a blink. 

I’m still job hunting for something more suited to me, especially given that this job does not seem to be agreeable with my wrists. I found a listing for something that looks promising this morning. I need to apply in person though, they only take the online resume. Fingers crossed. 

Well. I have now killed enough time here writing this and checking email etc. that it is probably about time to go to the bathroom then “suit up” (hair nets and stuff. Stylish.) and make my way to the time clock. 

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Congratulations on your job. It’s a start in the working world. I hope they re-evaluate you and give you a job that’ll be kinder to your wrists. Maybe the next job either there or at a new place will be a better fit for you.

    1. Thanks E.C. I actually ended up being sent home today after a second talk with my supervisor. I had gone to her last week to discuss my initial concerns. Saturday I only survived an hour of my shift before I had to go home sick. I spoke to the supervisor again today and she agreed that with all things considered it was not the position for me. There was nothing else available in a different department that I am qualified for or that would have been more suited to me. So, I turned in my badge and left the parking lot for the last night. I called a place that might be more my speed when I got home to ask about a little discrepancy in their job ad and the email I got from them, got the info I needed. I will be driving over there tomorrow to meet them and apply. Fingers crossed.

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