Melting Pot


I suppose it is time for some updates on how things are going.

I feel reasonably adjusted and settled in, now, though the hood still bothers me on a daily basis. A couple of the kids (seriously, two of them) have been nice and have talked a bit and say hi when they see me, so that is something I guess. I am not exactly a sociable person so I don’t mind if nobody wants to be friends, but I do appreciate kindness from others rather than ignorance and other negatives. So, to finally see some little glimmer of that around here… I’ll take it. 

I am making progress toward getting things figured out and taken care of. I have a long, difficult road ahead of me, but I am putting in the effort. Hopefully I don’t screw up too badly. 

I had a job interview yesterday. More details on that at a later date. For now all I will say is I was nervous, and very certain it was going to be a disaster. It actually went pretty well though.

I had some fun today after having lunch out with J. And by “fun” I mean “driving is stressful enough, then add stupid, impatient drivers to the mix and it really really sucks”. 

Piglet in Portugal actually just posted about her own recent incident with an inconsiderate driver, and today I got to have one of my own. Leaving the parking lot, I needed to make a left turn. I drove up to the appropriate place to stop and wait for a clear break in traffic from both directions to do that. As I was waiting, a woman in a convertible pulled up behind me and practically immediately was blowing her horn at me. With traffic coming steadily from both directions I have no idea where she expected me to go. I ignored her and remained focused on watching the traffic and waiting for an opportunity to make my turn, and did begin entertaining the thought of going right instead of left, since the breaks were not coinciding to make the left feasible to do safely. Before I even switched my turn signal, lady behind me decides to pull up along side me on my LEFT (which then put her in the wrong lane, mind you) and she starts hollering at me that she wants to turn right. Um. Ok. You want to turn right, so you pull up on the left of a vehicle that has signaled they want to go left? She was then effectively blocking me from turning left, anyone who may have wanted to turn into the parking lot, and she still could not have made her turn because she would either hit me or one of the cars in the lane I was wanting to turn into. Not to mention the steady flow of traffic which, again, was still coming both directions. I again just ignored her but did flip my signal then, with her blocking my view, waited till it was clear to just go right. Meanwhile had she just been patient and waited another fifteen seconds or so there was the break in traffic I had been waiting for to go left. It had taken less than a minute as it was anyway. Bitch.

Anyway. The dogs need to get out and run. Rascal hasn’t been herself lately, granted there are other reasons for that but I know she also misses being able to go outside and run around freely. As does Princess. Even if I put them on the tieouts, they don’t have much room and can’t really run and stretch their muscles. They just walk around as if leashed, when on the tieouts. I need to figure something out so they can have some outdoor freedom… 

Not much else going on really. I need to make a list of things I need J to do or need his help with, for this weekend. So, I am off to do that. 

I hope y’all have a great weekend. 

Until next time. xoxo 

2 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. ooooh, I just love that pet peeve! what an impatient bitch that woman was from blocking you from turning left…especially as she wanted to turn right! Good on you for outwardly keeping your cool.

  2. I’m glad you’re starting to settle in. I do understand still being bothered by your surrounding. It’s good that a couple of kids have been friendly. That’s a good thing. I’m like you. I’m not a social animal, but I do appreciate kindness from folks.

    I got my fingers crossed for a positive result for your job interview. I look forward to hearing an update on it.

    It just goes to show you that there’s rude drivers across the globe. I just don’t understand the impatience of some drivers. That is rediculous how that woman treated you. She best be glad you’re a peaceful soul and didn’t react aggressively toward her.

    Bless you dogs hearts. It must be confusing to them to be less able to have a jolly good time outside.
    I personally, am thankful you have them to help protect you and keep you from being lonely.

    Take care and have a great weekend too.

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