Melting Pot


I have had what is an eventful day for me, and the day is still young. 

I started off by going over to the factory I am most interested in working at to fill out an application. Fingers crossed they will have an opening soon and be willing to give me a chance. This was a stressful trip for me because I was nervous about the application but also about the driving. Long story but I only very recently got my license so I don’t have a heck of a lot of driving experience. The trip there was uneventful. The trip back home on the other hand included a little “oh crap I don’t know where I’m going!”. Before I pulled out of the parking spot at the factory I pulled up maps on my phone and THOUGHT I initiated the navigation back home. It was only after I’d been back on the highway a while I realized navigation was not working. I tried at a couple red lights to get it going but my phone was not responding to anything. I knew I just had to keep going straight and eventually there was a right turn. I just couldn’t remember where that right turn was. Thankfully I found a spot I could pull over though and then I discovered I had somehow accidentally activated the screen lock feature of the phone. I unlocked it and reset the navigation and was able to make it home from there. 

After lunch I headed out a second time to the post office to drop mail for the previous tenant – now marked in red ink “not at this address” – in one of the drop boxes.  It took me three laps around the lot before I figured out the layout of the lot and that I had to leave the lot and pull in from the street behind the post office, rather than directly into the lot, to get to the drop boxes. I am sure anyone watching me thought I was insane. But at least now I will know for the next time I have anything to drop off. I managed to make it back home from the post office without the gps. The post office is not far. But I have no sense of direction and can get mixed up and lost easily. So for me to manage to get back from the post office without gps was a big thing for me lol. 

The dogs are pretty much adjusted to being here now, I think. I finally got the yard ceaned up (mostly. There is still a barrel of junk that needs to go, and I am sure I missed some broken glass.) so they can have a little more freedom in where exactly they go in the yard. I even put them on the tie outs for a little bit this morning. Princess seemed happy about it. Rascal did not. But then they managed to get tangled up a little with Princess dictating things, and also I had walked away (to sit in the car just long enough to pair my phone via bluetooth) and Rascal is my lil buddy, always has to be as close to me as she can get so she didn’t like that I walked away and she couldn’t get to where I was. But I feel better with the yard cleaned up a bit now, anyway. 

My roses that I brought with me are dying. I have no idea what is wrong with them. I am hoping they may perk back up but it is not likely. The other plants I brought are all doing well, at least. There is just something wrong with the roses. They are wilty and losing their leaves. Perhaps they need more sunlight, but they are in one of the sunniest spots I could find for them. 

Well I suppose that is enough rambling for one post. Keep your fingers crossed I can find work soon, hopefully with the factory I am most interested in or at least at another place where I can reasonably enjoy the work as much as one can enjoy work lol. 

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. I wish you the best with your job search. Congratulations on getting your license. Now you’ll be able to travel around easier. I’m glad you got your navigation straightened out. It’s not very fun getting sent in the wrong direction.
    It’s good you took the time to learn to manuever around the post office to post letters or go inside for stamps or to mail packages and stuff.
    I’m glad your girls have a little more yard room. Rescal is a sweetie wanting to be with you, she’s a good guard dog. Princess sounds like a happy go lucky girl.
    Cleaning a yard up can be quite stressful, especially when you’re dealing with trash and broken glass, how people live like that is beyond me.
    I’m sad to hear your roses aren’t doing well. I wish I could tell you something to try, but I’ve never had much luck with roses. I’m glad your other plants are doing okay. I know they help to perk up the home.
    I hope you find a job you enjoy and continue to thrive.
    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks E.C. I was definitely “a late bloomer” when it comes to driving. Like I said it’s a long story as to why but I am glad I finally did it; moving here meant it was absolutely necessary, I’d never be able to get work otherwise.

    I am just glad that all the cleaning up inside was handled before I got here. Well, most of it anyway. I have still been taking time to scrub the walls and floors again, they are still dirty. There was filth and garbage piled up everywhere. Even after the floors were professionally cleaned, and a week’s worth of me cleaning every single day and spraying febreze every day, putting fragrance oil around the base of the walls – it still smells bad. I don’t think I will ever get it to smell good. From what I am told though it smells much better than it did before I got here so I guess that is something at least.

    I always had luck with roses, which just adds to the disappointment that the ones I brought with me are doing so poorly. I’m truly not sure what to do to save them. Maybe I will try finding a spot for them outside somewhere. I planned to just keep them in pots inside but maybe even in the sunniest spot inside they are not getting enough light.

    I’ll be sure to update once I have found work. I am just hoping it is soon, and with good pay. I need to be able to pay my own way as well as save up every penny possible so that I can get myself a house in a better area and get out of this one. Once the time comes I will probably work with a realtor rather than trying to find something on my own. My top criteria besides budget will be that it be in a good quiet neighborhood, totally finished and not in need of any work whatsoever (other than maybe “I don’t like the color in here, I will paint this room”!) and a nice big fenced in yard for the dogs. There’s other things I would like as well but those are the big, non-negotiable things. Hopefully within a year…

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