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No Filter Friday

I wanted to take a little break from all the moving things around and cleaning, so yesterday was a relax and do whatever day. My arms and shoulders in particular are very sore. I did still do a few little things (like attempting to clean the outside of the back door. I guess it is technically clean now since I scrubbed and scrubbed… it just still looks filthy. 😒) but mostly I took the day to rest and recoup before trying to get more done over the course of the weekend. 

I felt like perhaps knitting or crocheting a little something but I couldn’t decide what. Granted at the moment I have no idea where most of my hooks and needles are anyway. But I have some of them available and ready to go. I hopped on Ravelry and spotted this simple little pattern for a flower pot hanger. I had been wanting to make some of these anyway, just had not seen any patterns I really liled yet. This one I liked so I grabbed a hook and some yarn and got to it. 

It was a very quick project to finish up, done within a couple hours, including a couple breaks to take the dogs out and such, including a significant break to remove yet another tick from poor little Rascal. Damned arachnids. Both girls now have their much overdue Seresto collars on now though. They take about 4 days to be fully effective initially, so just a couple more days of just trying to be speedy and avoid taller grass outside and they ought to be safe for the next 8 months!

But I digress. Because my yarn was a little lighter weight than the designer used, I used a smaller hook to ensure a sturdy gauge. This also meant my resulting piece, because I did still follow the instructions exactly, is a bit smaller but that is ok, that was what I wanted. It is a very easy pattern to adjust in terms of sizing. The finished piece holds this little 4″ pot quite nicely (though some might argue it is a tad too small but I like how the pot sits in it!). I just need to figure out where I want to hang it. Then, you know… HOW to hang it up, exactly. Lol For the pictures I had to just hold it up. While taking the pictures. Talk about tricky! 

This was the first pattern the designer wrote for others to use so it is a little rough, but if you are an experienced crocheter you should not have any trouble following it at all. (Just don’t forget to convert it to US terms if necessary, as it is written with UK crochet terminology!) If you’d like to check out the pattern for yourself you can find it on Ravelry by clicking here

As for the plant… if you don’t know or can’t tell, this is my lovely little Christmas Cactus, propegated from a plant my dad got for me a couple years ago. He still has the parent plant. I am happy mine is doing so well. Hopefully later this year I’ll get some blooms from it. 

Until next time. xoxo 


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