Melting Pot

Less Is More

Today was release day for the new Rascal Flatts album Back To Us. Which of course I had pre-ordered the deluxe copy from Amazon which I am impatiently waiting for. I did get to listen to the standard tracks today through the instant digital copy Amazon provides when you buy (certain) discs now. But I want my hard copy of this album. 

Other than the first single – Yours If You Want It – none of the newest songs are on the band’s official youtube/vevo yet. So for now, I will just share the official video for one of my favorite songs from their last album, Rewind. While the YIYWI video IS amusing, this video for I Like The Sound Of That is the kind of music video I love. It is simple and understated, a few “behind the scenes” looks at things and other than that is is simply the band performing the song. Don’t get me wrong, creative music videos can be a blast to watch. A lot of the time though I feel like it is so much better to leave the smoke and lights and just let the music speak for itself. That is what they did with this particular video. 

And… maybe it’s the booze making me share a thought I probably normally wouldn’t here but… god I just want someone to feel this way about me. Sigh. Hey, you’d be hitting the booze too if you were me. Weekends are rough here in the hood when you don’t belong in any capacity and when you are at your wits end because you’ve been listening to people hollering and excessivly loud ghetto music for going on 5 hours straight and as the evening goes on it just gets louder. 😐😧


Until next time. xoxo


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