Melting Pot

Baby Steps

First of all, huge kudos to you if you understand the reference in this post’s title. Not many folks would so if you do, you are awesome. 

I am very slowly adjusting to my new surroundings.  My appetite is finally coming back, which is nice. It sucks when you truly just can’t eat even though the food in front of you is delicious. I even cooked tonight for the first time since getting here. I had given serious consideration to ordering a pizza, since there had been coupons in the mail. But I ultimately decided that the wait time for that vs cooking something would be about the same and I did want to try out my new range. Maybe I will order a pizza later in the week. 

The dogs are adjusting as well. They have already learned the layout of the new house and of course they know right where their treats are kept. They are still exploring the back yard and investigsting new smells, and are still intrigued by all the new sights and sounds as well. Princess has an amusing new habit of spinning in circles as she goes down the hall when she is excited about something. Which slows down Rascal, who just wants to beeline to wherever we are going at the time. I will have to try to get a video some time. 

I am still certain I will never come to like the neighborhood, and I will never truly be comfortable here. I need more space between myself and the neighbors, and I’d prefer a quieter area. I am also not a fan of the, shall we say, “extracurricular activities” that go on. But for now at least I need to learn to tolerate the negatives and try to focus on the positives. And hopefully in the not too terribly distant future I can move once more to a better area I will really like being in, instead. I also really want to be somewhere where I can have some chickens. Lol 

I’ve begun the hunt for work, as well. Most of the companies I looked into tonight either are not currently hiring, or are hiring but require experience and/or college education.  Yes folks, I looked at some job listings for factory work that require a college education.  Who knew? I always assumed factory jobs tended to be for the average joe who would be trained upon being hired. But as they say, when you assume things… anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Until next time. xoxo 


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. Sometimes baby steps move mountains. Way to keep moving forward.
    Thank goodness your appitite is back. That’s a very positive sign.
    I had to laugh at the dogs learning where the treats are so fast. Princess sounds like she’s so full of joy that she can’t contain it and Rascal always a sweetheat never wanting to delay a bit of fun.
    I hopes this home is a stepping stone to your next move to a more country area. I too was hoping you could have some chickens and enjoy a more country living. By the way has J said how the chickens are doing?
    I got my fingers crossed for you to find work soon. Sometimes it’s hard to find work right after moving to a new area. Hopefully you’ll find a good job soon.
    I wish you the best of everything.

    1. I think the dogs had figured out where I put their treats within about five minutes lol.

      I too hope that this will be a stepping stone to a more country home. I am literally in the ghetto right now. A rural ghetto. But ghetto nonetheless. It was a move that had to happen for me, but I am definitely not a fan of living here, due to proximity, noise level, and activities of the neighbors.

      I haven’t talked to J about the chickens lately. I will probably be spending a night visiting him within the next week or two, so I will get to see them for myself. 🙂

      The place I am most interested in working at currently has no entry level positions available, but I was told that changes frequently and there could be something as early as the end of the week or it could be months, the hr head said it is impossible to say for sure. She told me the best course of action would be to come in to the factory to fill out an application, that way my info is jn their system for when they do have openings. I don’t have the car yet, but will be getting it on Sunday. So, Monday I will be heading over there to fill out an application. I will need to find some other places that may be a good fit for me and submit some applications those places as well. Really have my heart set on the place I called this morning, though, it is a place I think I could truly enjoy working at and work is SO much better when you can enjoy what you are doing!

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