Melting Pot


I stopped in the local mall recently because Victoria’s Secret had a sale going. I am not a fan of Victoria’s Secret when it comes to their undergarments, clothing, or lingerie. I couldn’t shop with them for such things if my life depended on it – they don’t cater to plus sized customers or those with large breasts, both of which apply to yours truly. Their fragrances, body care, and cosmetics, however, are often phenominal and I love them for those items! Their Very Sexy fragrance has always been one of my favorites. While they do offer some fragrances I don’t care for much, most of them I do like. 

It had been a long time since I had been to VS so there were a lot of new to me fragrances to sample. I fell in love with this one, Love Spell Lace. According to one of the employees, this is one of their top sellers and I can understand why. I can’t begin to explain fragrances, all I can say is I love it. Here is the description (taken from the frangrance mist page) from VS, though, if you find written descriptions of fragrances helpful (personally I don’t,  I need to just smell them lol): 

A sensual twist on the original Love Spell scent, this sheer mist is made to mix, blend and play for a custom scent.

  • Fragrance type: Warm
  • Notes: Drenched plum and sugared musk

I’d definitely recommend checking this one out, if you like VS for fragrances.

I got some furniture from a family friend today. There is still a bit more they are giving me so another trip or two will be needed tomorrow. They recently moved to Florida and are back in Pittsburgh to gather their remaining things and sell their old house. I appreciate that they are giving me some of their old items for free, it helps me out a lot.

Among some non-furniture items I was given was, get ready for this, a wedding dress. No, I don’t need it. I’ll probably never need it. Friend had purchased it a few years ago for her daughter when she got married but she didn’t want it so it was tucked away in a closet. When she asked if I wanted it, I was set to say no. Then I saw it. It is perfect and gorgeous. And also a couple sizes too small for me at the moment but since I’m not getting married, and need to lose weight anyway, the size isn’t even an issue. She also had a veil and tiara to go with it. I couldn’t pass it up. Just in case I do happen to get married some day, I’ll have a beautiful dress I love ready to go. 

A little peek at the back of the bodice

And if I don’t ever need it… well… I can round up a couple also single friends to do this: 

Other than a few last minute things, I should finish my packing tomorrow. It is odd, having pretty much all my things boxed up right now. It’ll be good to get to my new home and be able to unpack. I’m looking forward to settling in and getting adjusted to a new routine over the next few weeks. 

Until next time. xoxo


1 thought on “ Randoms”

  1. It’s a good feeling when things start falling into place for a move.
    The lovely wedding dress is a fun surprise.
    Wishing you a pleasant rest of the week..

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