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Christmas Cactus Update & Randoms

posted not long ago about the fact I had decided to try to propagate a new plant from a Christmas Cactus my dad got for me a couple years ago. I had looked up the proper way to do it and decided it was too much fuss, so I tried it my way: pinched off a section, dipped the end in rooting hormone powder, potted it with potting soil, then popped the pot onto a windowsil and kept the soil damp. This was less than a month ago. 

As of this morning, my happy little propagated Christmas Cactus is still alive and well, with seven points of new growth sprouting out from it. This makes me happy! I plan to leave the “parent” plant with my dad, as he loves Christmas Cactuses too. I didn’t want to have to wait till I could find a new one for myself once I have moved, so the obvious solution was propagating the new one. I am glad it took root so I can have one of my own, and without having had to spend any money. 

In other updates, the ticks are apparently going to be prrtty bad this year. It is only the beginning of May and already I have had to remove one from both Rascal and just this morning Princess got one on her. This was the first time I had to deal with this with Princess, and while she fussed a bit she did very well. I’d had the girls out for their first potty run of the day and Princess insisted on pouncing around through some taller grass and weeds by the creek. We had been back inside only a couple minutes when I noticed a spot on her ear that I knew did not belong – she has some spots of dark brown/brindle coloring here and there but this area of her ear has none. I took a closer look to verify and it was indeed a big nasty tick. I gathered supplies and she knew something was up and was scared and ran from me but I eventually got her settled so I could get to work. Despite not being too deep, and only being on her for a couple minutes, this tick was extremely stubborn. It took me a good ten minutes or so to get it to back out of her. Being tucked right into a little fold on the back of her ear I am sure it was a very uncomfortable process for Princess. As soon as the tick backed out I dunked it into a dish of rubbing alcohol to kill it. Which took about another ten minutes, when it usually kills them within seconds. Stubborn super tick I suppose. 

Moving day is rapidly approaching. I will be moving Mother’s Day weekend. The house will need a LOT of work before it is home. The previous tenants trashed the place. They had been supposed to finish work that needs done there but of course did not. Not that it matters, given the condition they kept it in. Probably best they didn’t finish the work with all things considered. But this means there is drywall work that needs done and flooring needs to be installed, once the walls are ready they need to be painted etc. Again though, this means I get to do all this stuff to my liking. I already have some paint colors selected, though come time to paint I will get smaller cans to test swatch with before investing in gallons and paiting entire rooms. Nothing sucks more than painting a whole room and only then realizing the color is not quite what you wanted afterall. Eventually I will have it fixed up nicely. It will take me several years, but I will get there. Baby steps. I will tackle one thing at a time, and some day down the road, this beat up little house that most would probably call a dump will be a beautiful home. It’s a diamond in the rough – neighborhood isn’t great, but not so bad I can’t handle it. And while not likely, it is possible with time the neighborhood may improve. 

I’m trying REALLY hard to have a positive outlook, if you hadn’t figured that out. Lol 

I am wrapping up my packing now, mostly down to the small random items like candle holders and knick knacks that need to be bubblewrapped and packaged up. It still looks like quite a bit to go through but really it isn’t.  Just a couple more shelves worth of things, and a mountain of nail polish. That I am dreading. I am half tempted to just toss them into a box and hope for the best. But the last thing I am going to want to deal with when getting to my new place is a bunch of broken nail polish bottles and spilled polish, so I have to take the time to bubble wrap them all individually. I am going to hate myself for my nail polish habit, over the next few days. Lol

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cactus Update & Randoms”

  1. That’s so sweet of you to leave the parent plant for your Father. You’re a good daughter. You have a great gift for getting plants to thrive. Well done!
    I hate to hear about the ticks. That’s scary business. It’s a good thing you got to the tick quickly. I agree a super tick and like a monster tick.
    I’m glad you’re getting situated and packed up. I know you’ll make a charming home and love having your own place. 🙂

    1. I try to be a good daughter; my dad’s priorities are a bit out of whack sometimes but he has a good heart and I love him very much.

      I really do not like ticks at all. The girls need new Seresto collars asap but I haven’t been able to get them yet. Trying to make it a priority but there are so many things that need to be taken care of right now it is difficult to get to it all.

      I plan to document the process with the house; I haven’t decided if I will make periodic posts about the progress or just take pictures, make notes, and then do one single post once things are done. Probably periodic posts, since waiting till everything is done could take several years. ☺

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