Melting Pot


Plans for my impending move have changed a bit and I am feeling frustrated, both with part of the changes and the fact that there is not a damn thing I can do about it. It is in regards to the dogs, and I am not happy. But the only options I have been given are accept the way others feel is best/the only way, or leave them behind (as one person actually kind of in a roundabout way said is what I should do). And I can’t leave them behind, for numerous reasons. People just do not seem to understand how important my dogs are to me, how much they mean to me, how much they help me, how much I need them. They are not “just dogs”. They cannot simply be left behind just because traveling with them may not be easy or ideal. They cannot be replaced just by getting another dog once I have moved. My dogs are my friends, my furry little family. They get me out of bed on days I’d rather hide under the blankets ignoring the world. They make me feel better about my life and this often crappy world. They cheer me up when I am sad, and when I am feeling particularly down they give me the comfort I need. Maybe they don’t understand the words I say, but when I am feeling low and miserable and like I am nothing but a great big burden to everyone around me, I talk and cry and they look at me like… I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like they are telling me that it’s ok and that they love me, and they lean against me and let me hold them and cry it all out as long as I need to. They are my babies, my truest, most reliable friends. I would not be able to cope with a lot of things if I didn’t have them. Even when everything else in my life is crap, I know I can count on my dogs to be there for me and to cheer me up. That is more than can be said for most people I have known. 


2 thoughts on “Frustrated

    1. Thanks E.C. The new travel arrangements were settled by all involved but me, so I really don’t have a choice. I just have to go with it and hope that everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed.

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