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Mont Bleu Products Review

Not long ago I mentioned my aunt gave me a (travel size) glass nail file and it prompted me to order a couple full size ones for myself. Those were cheaper versions that, while sufficient, just are not the same quality as the one she gave me, and as such do not offer the same quality results.  

When Mont Bleu reached out to me about their products, and I saw the beautiful options they offer, I was eager to put them to the test! 

Set of 3 White Crystal Nail Files with crystals

I chose this set of three glass nail files with crystals in the colorway Tanzanite Rose. I wanted to be able to have a smaller travel size file to carry in my purse as well as larger ones to keep at home. The files each come in a velvet pouch, and while they are of course fragile as all glass items are, they are also sturdy and well made. The Swarovski crystals are beautiful and sparkly, y’all know how I love all things that sparkle! They file natural nails quickly and gently and leave a nice smooth finish, never a rough edge as traditional emery boards and the cheaper glass files often do. They are also suitable for fake nails. They are easy to care for – simply rinse with running water to clean, and you can sanitize them by dipping them in rubbing alcohol for a minute too. These files are gorgeous and they work wonderfully – I would absolutely recommend them! They are pricier, but the quality is definitely there and with proper care (and assuming you don’t have a klutzy moment and drop it resulting in a break) there is no reason why these files should not last you many, many years. If you compare their price to $2-5 every few months to replace traditional emery boards, these glass files actually work out to be a far more economical choice. They have tons of colors to choose from and the files come individually as well as in sets of up to 7 files so you could get a few friends in on your order to help you cover the initial cost of a set of files. Or you could get a set and have a file for yourself and some for gift-giving too. (I see these being an awesome bridal party gift, for those who are getting married and wanting something special for their bridesmaids!) 

Dual End Glass Cuticle Pusher in Pink

I had never seen glass cuticle sticks before and was intrigued. I find metal cuticle pushers can be a bit rough on the nails if you are not careful, and the wooden ones never seem to do much and they don’t last long at all. I have to tell you, after trying this glass one I will never use anything else! It has a chiseled end that is great for pushing back your cuticles, and a tapered end that helps you really get into the corners and along the sides of your nails, and this end can also be used to clean under the free edge of your nails when needed. Both ends have a grainy finish similar to the glass files, which aids in removing any excess from your cuticles. You may still need to get some cuticle clippers out for the really stubborn bits, but this glass cuticle stick is able to handle much of the job. It can be cleaned and sanitized in the same manner as the glass files.

Original Foot Scraper & Callus Remover in Blue

I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like a glass foot file. I have seen them, but based on the appearance I doubted how effective they would be. Now, I need to start by saying my feet are not currently excessively dry, as they can be from time to time. I tested out the file on the couple slightly rougher spots on my feet, and my reaction was “Wow!”. It really did make a noticeable difference! I’m not sure it would be quite enough if your feet are in particularly rough shape, but for milder dryness and for keeping things smooth between uses of a heavier duty foot smoothing tool, it is fantastic. The file is nice and sturdy and is sized to be comfortable in the hand. One side has a finer grain than the other, so you can use whichever side is more suited to the particular spot you need to soften up. The best part about this foot file is that is is also great to use on your knees and elbows, too! My elbows tend to be pretty dry and rough, even when I apply lotion every day. After just one use of the foot file there was a noticeable difference, and as I have continued to use it every day – for a total of just three days so far – they have continued to improve and they are now almost perfectly smooth. I am sure with a couple more days of continued use they will be nice and soft again. The foot file is also cleaned and sanitized the same way as the glass nail files.

Nail Clippers for Women with Crystals

The final product I recieved was these nail clippers. I love the pretty design of Swarovski crystals. The design of the clippers is sleek and more ergonomic than standard clippers, they’re very comfortable in the hand. There is just one problem… they may be beautiful, but they are not functional.  The crystals come down a tad too far and when the top is flipped around to use the clippers, the last couple of them get in the way of the clippers being able to close all the way to actually cut the nail. 

You can see here, with the clippers squeezed as far as they can go to close that the rhinestones block them from fully closing.

I may try to remove the last few crystals that are in the way, so I can actually use the clippers. Due to this problem, this is one product that I would say to pass on, even though they are pretty and well made.

Overall, I am extremely impressed by Mont Bleu’s products. Everything came packed very well so it would stay safe in transit. While the costs may at first seem more expensive than similar tools made of cheaper materials, if you consider the longevity of the glass tools versus other options that need to be replaced frequently, they’re really priced quite reasonably. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for glass nail care tools. They also sell a number of other products on their web site that are worth a look, as well. 

If you’d like to learn more about Mont Bleu or their products, you can visit their web site at

If you prefer to shop on Amazon, you can view Mont Bleu’s Amazon store page at

Mont Bleu also offers wholesale opportunities. To learn more visit

And finally, if you’d like to keep up with Mont Bleu on social media they can be found on the following:

Products discussed in this post were provided to me free of charge in exchange for this review. 

Until next time. xoxo


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