Melting Pot

I’m ______ because…

I did this post once before, back in 2014. I thought it might be fun to revisit it.

I’m weird because…

  • I am a very “textural eater”. It doesn’t matter if something tastes really good, if I don’t like the texture of it, I can’t eat it (or I have a difficult time enjoying it if I do eat it). 
  • I can smell snow coming during the colder months. 
  • I talk to my dogs. I don’t mean in the way most people talk to their dogs, I mean I talk to them like they were good human friends – if I have a bad day I talk to them about it and such. You’d be surprised how much it helps. They may not always understand everything you say but they understand what you are feeling when you talk to them, and they respond accordingly. 
  •  Most American women find British accents attractive, but I prefer Australian accents. 

I’m a bad friend because…

  • I’m a homebody. I would tylically rather just stay home and hang out than actually going out anywhere.
  • I don’t always talk about it when something bothers me. I tend to shut down and shut people out instead. 
  • It’s difficult to get to know me. I’m very shy around new people and am socially awkward, and it takes me quite a while to warm up to new people. Most folks don’t have the patience to give me the time I need to be comfortable around them or they misread my shy, awkwardness as me not liking them or me being a snob or something. New “friends” often don’t hang around long enough to become good friends because of this and it probably makes me a bad friend when a friendship is new just because I really can’t be myself yet.
  • I can be emotionally needy.

I’m a good friend because…

  • I support my friends and wish them the best, even if I don’t agree with their decisions. 
  • I am very forgiving and always try to be understanding and see things from the other person’s point of view. I might need space for a little while to cool down depending on the situation but I try to keep things in perspective.
  • If I can help in some way, I will. Even if I can only do  something very small, I’ll do it.
  • I may not always have advice for my friends but I do always have hugs.

I’m sad because…

  • I really miss Mr. Anonymous, I still wish things could be different and work out for us.
  • When I move I will miss my dad and will worry about him. 
  • The weather is crummy today.
  • I didn’t know a package I was waiting for was going to require a signature and I was not able to get to the door before the mail carrier took off, so now I have to get to the post office to pick it up. 

I’m happy because…

  • I will be going shopping tomorrow for supplies for a project I have been wanting to do for a while. 
  • The dogs are napping on either side of me, Rascal snuggled up close and Princess stretched out with one of her paws in my lap. They are so adorable. 
  • A recent craft project turned out exactly the way I hoped it would. (More about this in a future post.)
  • Thanks to my dad, I have a lot more for my upcoming move (dining table and chairs, new cutlery etc.) than I previously thought I would. It will be an enormous help, having lots of essentials already rather than needing to get them after moving.

I’m excited because…

  • Even though my upcoming move is scary in a lot of ways, it will be nice to have my own place. I’ll be able to decorate the way I want to, store things where I want without considering where someone else wants them or someone else moving them etc. 
  • In the hopefully not too terribbly distant future, I will be able to get some chickens of my own. 😊
  • The weather should be good next week for a project (the one mentioned above in the “I’m happy because” section) that I need a good stretch of warm, dry days for.
  • The new Rascal Flatts album comes out in less than a month, now. I pre-ordered the deluxe copy and am looking forward to getting it. 

Until next time. xoxo


3 thoughts on “I’m ______ because…”

    1. Yep, both Rascal and Princess will be making the move with me. It is roughly a 7.5/8 hour drive assuming no traffic and no stops. There will be a couple stops made to let them get out and stretch a bit and do their business, so that will add time to it. Going to make it a one day drive, to minimize their stress from travel. Neither of them are too keen on car rides. I will have them in separate crates in the back seat, and they will each have a blanket and a chew toy to hopefully help keep them feeling comfortable. I’ll be packing a plastic tote with some more of their toys and things to help them adjust to their new surroundings once we get there as well.

      1. I’m so glad they’re going with you. It sounds like you’ve planned the journey well and it’ll be as comfortable as possible for your girls.
        I wish you all well in your journey and at your new home.

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