Yarn Basket

As I have been going through my things and packing, I came across an old storage basket that had seen better days. It was nothing fancy, just one of those simple cloth covered metal frames, a cheaper old thing from Walmart. The fabric was stained and it didn’t look very nice anymore. 

I cut the fabric off the frame, and had planned to try to sew a new cover for it. I ended up choosing a no-sew way of renewing it though: yarn! 

I worked single crochets around the top edges and situated the stitches so that the tops are facing down, so the top of the basket has a smooth appearance. Then I wrapped yarn across the bottom of the frame in a couple layers, and slipped some cardboard cut to fit inbetween the layers of yarn to give the basket some stability. (I used a double layer of cardboard cut from a mailing box.) I added one more layer of yarn around the bottom to conceal the carboard a bit more. Then I grabbed a skein of another color yarn and started wrapping around the sides, over and over. I used the entire skein; if you look at the right angle you can see the sides still have some openness to them but it covered the sides pretty well. Throughout this whole process I used hot glue to secure the yarn to the metal base, and also glued the yarn used to wrap the sides to the free edge of the single crochets used to cover the top edge of the frame, as well as to fasten the ends of the yarn so everything is held together. 

I finished it off with a few lines of hot glue on the bottom of the basket, to prevent it from sliding on the counter. 

It is not perfect, but I like it very much. There were numerous ways I could have done this, some that probably would have been faster, easier, and likely would have used less yarn… but this was what gave the look I was after. It took several hours over a couple days from start to finish, but I would say it was well worth it, and since I already had all the supplies it cost me nothing to do it. 😊

Until next time. xoxo 


2 thoughts on “Yarn Basket”

    1. Thanks! It was yarn I had bought a few years ago to knit a sweater but I finished the first of the 5 pieces before realizing I made a huge error, and just never did restart it. I like the color so much but really am not interested in knitting a sweater at this point, so I figured it would be ok to use a skein of it for something else. I doubt I ever will make the sweater anyway lol.

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