No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday

My Rascal baby being adorable. (And Princess in the backround, for once not shoving her way into any sort of attention I try to give Rascal. That was short-lived lol.)

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “No Filter Friday”

  1. Rascal is adorable. She’s so cute and snuggly.
    Sounds like Princess has a zest for sharing in everything.
    I bet your girls give you lots a love and smiles.

    1. Rascal IS a little snugglebug! She loves to cuddle. Princess does too. She is very much the dominate one of the two and she asserts her dominance at every opportunity, sometimes to the point I have to step in and remind her she may be higher up than Rascal in the chain of command but *I* am the one in charge. She is still learning the rules here, and is quite stubborn about a lot of things.

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