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Candy Making

I recently stopped in my favorite craft store “to look at the glassware and get a bag of candy melts”. That turned into a $25 purchase, which with all things considered (I usually end up spending more than that) was not bad. While I was in the candy making aisle to grab a bag of white chocolate candy melts for the previously posted Bunny Crack, however, I found a really cute candy pop mold (for chocolate lollipops but not suitable for liquid-sugar lollipops as the sugar is too hot and would melt the molds) on clearance and of course that meant needing more candy melts and some lolipop sticks and such, so that I could put the mold to use. 

The brand of supplies I got is Make ‘n Mold. In addition to the candy melts I got a two-pack of bottles specially made for melting the candy melts in the microwave. Being made by the same brand, one would assume the bottles are made specifically to fit the candy melts, right? Well, one would be wrong in assuming that. 

The opening of the bottles is just a bit too small to be able to pop the candy melts in – you have to really push them in and the sides get shaved off in the process. Alternately, you have to lay the candy melts out and cut them in half so they go into the bottles easily.

They are easy to use though, but I did also notice the instructions on the outer packaging do not match the instructions on the bottles themselves. In using them I have found that a combination of the two sets of instructions seems best: fill the bottle about 3/4 of the way with candy melts and place inside a microwave safe bowl with the cap off. On 50% power, heat for one minute (my microwave is 900 watts, so time may vary), then squeeze the bottle thoroughly. Then on 50% power continue heating in 30 second bursts, squeezing the bottle well after each to mix the melting candy till it is smooth. Just like when you are melting chocolate you have to be careful to not overheat it or it will curdle and get thick and clumpy so just take your time and do not rush the process. 

These particular bottles do not hold much product and are meant for smaller jobs. I found you can get them to hold more melted candy by adding a few more pieces after the first couple bursts in the microwave. I would like to have a couple more to be able to work with more than two colors at a time, though you will need a bowl of hot water to set them in to help keep the candy melted while working, unless you don’t mind frequently popping them back in the microwave for another 20-30 seconds as needed but depending on what exactly you are doing this may not be the best choice. If using a bowl of water to keep the candy warm and melted just remember to be careful to not get water in the bottles, as it will cause the candy to sieze. 

Once you’re ready you just squeeze the bottles to fill your candy molds. If there are smaller details you want done in different colors, carefully fill those in first then allow that candy/chocolate to harden before filling the rest of the way with the other color (s). Add the lollipop sticks part way through the process so they get fully covered with the candy so they are secure. Tap the mold lightly on the table a couple times to release any air bubbles, assure the mold is evenly filled, and to smooth out the top surface. Since the candy starts setting quickly, if you are doing more than one solid color – or you just are not able to fill the molds quickly  – I find it is best to do this after filling each of the mold cavities – if you wait till they are all filled the first ones filled will be partially set and won’t smooth out. I put toothpicks in the lids between batches to prevent the candy from hardening and clogging up the tip. 

Pop the filled mold into the fridge for 15-20 minutes (or the freezer for 5-10) to let the candy fully set. The candies should release immediately upon inverting the mold, or with a very light tap to the back of the mold. If the candies do not release easily, put the mold back in the fridge/freezer for another 5 minutes or so. 

Your candies are now ready for any finishing touches, packaging, and/or eating. 

I used some of the melted candy melts as “glue” to put some mini m&m’s on this one.

I have blue, purple, milk chocolate, and white chocolate candy melts as well but since I only have the two bottles to melt/dispense them, I have just been working with two colors at a time. Today that means pink and yellow. 

I previously also made chocolate covered strawberries. 

Until next time. xoxo


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