Favorite Apps, Melting Pot

Favorite Apps, Volume 1

I don’t often try new apps and even when I do, it is not often I come across any that I really enjoy. I do have a selection of apps on my phone that I have been using for a long time, ones that I started using a couple phones ago, as well as a couple newer finds. I thought it might be fun to do a series of posts about these favorite apps, and perhaps introduce you to some new apps that you may find fun or useful. This is not going to be a weekly installment, or even necessarily monthly… just when I have time to write up a post about one of my favorite apps.

Up first is a newer find that I spotted in my recommendations section of the google app store. It is a game called I Love Hue, from the developer Zut!. It is available for both Android and iOS.

This is a color-based puzzle game (so not suitable for those who are colorblind, sorry!) that is simple yet also challenging. You start off by selecting your level and for about a second the finished puzzle is shown on the screen before the colors get randomly scrambled. Blocks of color with a little dot in the center are locked in place.

Here is one of my recent puzzles (the same puzzle as above) while in progress, shortly before I finished it.

Upon completing a puzzle, a heart pops up over the screen, like this:

Then you are shown your stats for the level. Along with some praise, which is a cute touch. 

Then you can select your next level.

Along the top of the level selection menu, you will see a heart on the left with a number beside it – this is how many levels you have completed in the game in total. The prisms (pyramids) in the center are your “tickets” to play new levels, with the number being how many you have left to use. The game starts you off with a larger amount (I don’t remember how many, I think 100) and then each day you play you get 12 more. Once you use up the prisms, only getting 12 a day is a little bit of a bummer and can slow you down, but you do have the option of buying more (clicking the little + beside the number) if you want. You can also watch ads to earn more. I just wait for the daily freebies, though. The option on the right is for the settings and this is also where you fins the option to pay to remove the occasional in-game ads.

On the bottom left you see the name of the level pack you are currently playing. Each pack has 25 levels. The bottom right shows you how many levels of that pack you have completed. You unlock new packs by completing levels and earning those hearts. 

Overall this is a fun game with nice music and sound effects, and it is a good way to pass some time, I enjoy it a lot. I introduced my sister to it and she enjoys it as well though not quite as much as I do; I am well ahead of her and she said she will never catch up to me. (Sibling rivalry – we often find games to play and try to beat each other.) I would definitely recommend this one if you enjoy simple puzzle games, and if you like/have an eye for color. 

Until next time. xoxo 


3 thoughts on “Favorite Apps, Volume 1”

  1. I’ve not heard of this game. It looks very time consuming. You must have a great sense of shades to be able to play so well. Thanks for sharing.
    I look forward to your apps series. 🙂

    1. I suppose I have an eye for color. Knowing what the heck the names are for all the different colors and shades of color is another story. I was the worst beauty blogger for this reason lol.

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