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Bunny Crack: Recipe (Sorta)

I had seen this online a while back, and made note because I wanted to make some myself. Some folks call it Bunny Bait, others Easter Crack. So I just threw the two together: Bunny Crack. Call it what you want, it is a quick, easy to make spring-time snack, whether you celebrate Easter or not. You can easily tweak it for other holiday/times of year as well.

I say this is “sorta” a recipe because you really needn’t measure a single thing. The instructions I had specified using small pretzel sticks, and mixing everything together on a cookie sheet. I used the little square, waffle-like pretzels. I like those ones, and it seemed like a better choice to me, keeping things close to the same shape and size. I did do the sheet pan mixing thing, because I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to dirty a bowl for this. But it was NOT easy mixing this up on a cookie sheet. I say go for a bowl or better yet, a large zip top bag to shake the ingredients together! 

Anyway, the ingredients for this are as follows:

Salted popcorn (I used butter flavored cause hey, that is what I had)

Peanuts (salted, unsalted? The instructions I had did not say. I used salted. Whatever floats your boat here, I guess!)

Chex cereal (I totally forgot this so mine does not have it)


M&M candies (I thought I was getting the spring colored ones. The packaging lied to me. But M&M’s are M&M’s and I had a buy one get one free coupon to use, so it’s all good! You could even use peanut M&M’s if you want. Be wild!)

Sprinkles (I used jimmies, but again, whatever you like is going to work)

White chocolate candy melts

Amounts? Be bold. Be daring. Be crazy. Just eyeball it on everything. I double dog dare you. Seriously though just wing it, it’s going to taste good regardless. Ok, ok… I will at least say you will likely need 12-16 oz candy melts, assuming your mixure uses one bag of microwave popcorn. I used about 9 or 10 oz for mine, but I did not quite use a whole bag of popcorn and I was saving some of the candy melts for something else. 

You want to start by gathering all your ingredients – once melted the candy melts start to re-harden fairly quickly so you don’t want to have to stop to re-melt them. Once everything is gathered, you want to mix together everything but the candy melts of course. Melt those suckers till they are nice and smooth (depending on how powerful your microeave is, 1-2 minutes total, in 15-20 second bursts and stirring very well after each burst). Some recipes have you mix the popcorn, pretzels, and cereal woth half the candy melts and then add the remaining ingredients but I say it is going to be easier to just mix it all together in one go. Again I bet a big zip top bag and shaking the ingredients to coat it all with the melted chocolate would be a fantastic way to go about this. Regardless, once everything is mixed up, spread the mixture out on a wax paper lined cookie sheet, and let it sit till the chocolate sets. You can pop it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, if you like. Then break it up in pieces, and enjoy! 

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