Melting Pot


The sad little rose from a recent No Filter Friday is officially dead. Fresh water, sunshine, fertilizer, and love just were not enough to save it. Oh well. I did what I could, and I still have three others that are doing fantastic.

After disposing of the poor little dead rose this morning, I pondered what to do with the pot it had been in. I decided to pinch off a section of my Christmas cactus and see if I can get a new plant going from it. I know it can be done of course, but I also know that you are “supposed” to use a certain mixture of potting soil and sand, let the cutting dry for several hours etc. I didn’t do any of that. The pot was nicely filled with potting soil from when the rose was transplated to that pot, I am impatient… I pinched it off, ran some water over it, applied some rooting hormone, and plopped it down into the pot, spritzed with a little water then placed it on a windowsill where it will get plenty of sun. (Which actually I think is also not recommended, but I’m a rebel what can I say?) I figure worst case scenario it dies and I have to do it again following the proper procedure. Nothing to lose by trying my lazy way of doing it, really. 

The parent plant for the Christmas cactus is a young one; my dad got it for me two years ago when the local grocery store put them on sale. It is doing so well, it is currently getting ready to bloom again; it actually has one bloom right now but the rest of the buds are still closed up and probably a week or so away from blooming. I am looking forward to it though, the flowers are so pretty! 

I have a couple other plants, yet, that I want to take some cuttings from and see if I can get new plants going from them. I need to get some more potting soil and flower pots first, though.  Hopefully this week. 

Until next time. xoxo 


2 thoughts on “Nope”

  1. I’m sorry about your rose. Maybe one of the others will survive.
    I hope your Christmas cactus roots and flourishes.
    I’m like you, whenever I re-pot or try to start a plant I feel like the window sill is the spot it should be unless it’s warm enough to set outside… and unfortunately from your nff, outside is a distant dream for you all right now.
    Keep warm and stay safe. 🙂

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