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Saturday Somethings

Since I left J’s a couple weeks ago, he has gone from six to four chickens. Danielle pulled a disappearing act and has not been seen since. And today, Nugget died. She had not been acting like herself for a couple weeks prior to my leaving, and just before I left she developed a limp that we did not know if it was some sort of health issue or an injury. Since then she had some good days and some bad days. She was our favorite of all the girls. Both she and Danielle will be missed.

In other news, I promised my cousin’s daughter I would make a scarf for her. I had previously made one for my other cousin’s little girl – it was a rainbow scarf with a cloud on one end and a pot of gold on the other. Said scarf wound up left (and forgotten) at my aunt’s house where S found it and fell in love. Naturally when K rediscovered it, she wanted it back. Since it was made for her, it was only right she be allowed to take her scarf back home with her. S was very upset about this. She told me to tell K to bring it back for her because she liked it. I explained that I had made that scarf for K and it belonged to K, and she couldn’t have it but I could make her one of her very own instead. I finished it last night. I used a different stitch, and made the cloud and pot of gold slightly differently plus it is a different size – all things to make it so if both scarves wind up at my aunt’s house, there will be no confusion which scarf belongs to which little girl. Even if they were EXACTLY the same, kids have a way of throwing fits insisting something is or is not theirs, so I decided to just prevent that from happening entirely. 

After two such scarves, it left me with a rather small amount of what had already been a small skein of the yarn I used for the “gold” in the pots of gold. I contemplated my options, and decided to whip up a little pouch. I need to make a lining for it, so that things will not slip out or stretch it out. But I am pleased with it, I think it turned out a nice size, good to take along as a clutch with a few small essentials OR to tuck inside a purse/hand bag as a little cosmetic pouch or such.

FYI yarns used for the scarf were a variety of Caron Simply Soft yarns. They have a few sub-lines of Simply Soft (brights, party, light, paints etc) and I just picked the ones that were the colors I wanted, or for a couple of them just what was in stock and close to the color I wanted. (For instance I really wanted a brighter, grass/kelly green but they only had the lighter sort of yellow/chartreuse green shade. I wound each into a cake and discarded the labels so I do not know specifically which ones I ended up with, but it is easy enough to pick out rainbow colors!) For the gold in the pot of gold and the subsequent pouch, I wanted something sparkly. I chose Vanna’s Glamour, and held it triple (Navajo method; check out Lucy Neatby’s tutorial by clicking here. Her tutorial shows how to do this for knitting but obviously it works for crochet too, and the process is the same for either craft.) to closer match the weight of the Simply Soft yarns, since it is a lighter weight. The cloud was done with Bernat Baby Blanket which by the way is a fantastically soft, snuggly yarn. 

I did not use a pattern, just cast on what was going to get me around the length I wanted and worked the stripes of color. For this particular scarf I did extended half double crochet, one row each color, so the final width is about four inches. Then I worked across the narrow end with the Bernat Baby Blanket evenly for a couple rows and did some shells on the last row for a wavy look. For the pot of gold I worked evenly across the other narrow edge first with some single crochets then a row of puff stitch, and then switched to black and continued with a couple rows of puff stitch to make the pot, keeping the first two rows even, increasing by two on the third row and then even for the fourth row. I finished it off with crab stitch (reverse single crochet) evenly across before fastening off and weaving on all the ends. 

I needed to grab some waterless shampoo for the dogs, and I discovered that one of my favorite hair care brands, Biosilk, makes dog care products now too. So naturally, that was what I got! I love Biosilk for myself, and this waterless dog shampoo is wonderful and has the same fragrance as the human product counterpart, which is to say it smells fantastic! They also had standard dog shampoo as well, which I did not need right now but I will get it when I am ready to buy more for them. They are walking around smelling all pretty now and I am a happy dog mom. 😊 

Well I suppose that is all for this post. Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Saturday Somethings”

  1. Your scarf is so pretty and fun. Your cousins are lucky to have such a creative cousin.
    I mix yarns for the colors. It’s interesting how much they vary from brand to brand.
    I’m sorry about Nugget and Danielle. I was hoping they’d be okay without you there to care for them. Maybe the last four will be okay.
    The waterless shampoo for dogs sounds like a winner. Pleasant smell and clean puppy-dogs is a good combo. πŸ™‚

    1. It is funny how much yarns vary; even though there are standard weights even within the same brand and line the weight varies sometimes. It keeps the crafting interesting I guess lol.

      It is sad to lose the chickens but even if I were there looking after them it wouldn’t guarantee their safety unfortunately. J does his best with the hours he works. Rose is gone now too, J just told me this morning. There was evidence that something got her. Hopefully the remaining three will be ok till he can increase the coverage of the electric fencing. I don’t know if he will invest in any more chickens – he may not. Just have to wait and see.

      The waterless dog shampoo is great! The smell lingers for a few days, keeping them smelling pretty longer than they otherwise would. The only problem is neither of them is fond of sprayed on product, especally Princess. She was not haply with me for well over an hour after using it on her. I may have to repackage it into a pump bottle or something instead, to make the experience less stressful for them in future use.

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