No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday

This is Princess. She is the dog who was brought into the house in my absence, without my input. She is a sweet dog, overall good dog, but she needs to learn the rules, how to listen/obey commands, and to trust.

I fully admit I was not happy she was taken in without my input… but what’s done is done, and now that she is in my care I have every intention of making sure the rest of her life is spent knowing love and kindness.

Oh. One last tidbit about Princess: she is my Rascal’s momma.

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “No Filter Friday”

  1. Oh that’s so neat that Princess is Rascal’s Momma. I love that. Princess is a lucky gal to have been adopted to your family. I’ve no doubt you’ll be able to get her to do basic commands, you have a gift for helping animals. I hope you’ll post about her progress.
    Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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