No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday

My cousin’s 4 year old daughter has been thrilled I am visiting again. Not sure why but the kid adores me. On my first night here for my visit, after tackling me for a hug and making a fuss about having missed me, she ran to her arts and crafts table and started coloring. She folded up her drawing and brought it over to me and said it was for me – it is a drawing of me. She then proceeded to make several more drawings for me, all of which have been tucked away for safekeeping till I get “home” and can do something with them for long term storage.

Ok, I admit it. I kind of adore her, too. Her little sister and big cousins as well. Though it must be said, they all four remind me every day of why I am happy I have no kids of my own. Lol 

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