Melting Pot


I have managed to catch some germs and I feel crummy. Not sure where I picked up said germs – J was sick before I left, but others during my travels have been sick as well. Regardless my head is stuffy, I am exhausted and just generally feel blah. The silver lining is that unlike ny previous stay with my aunt, I do not HAVE to help with the kids this time. I am trying, to be nice and helpful, but when one is so sick and stuffed up and tired, it is nice to not be obligated to help with the little ones.

I am half way through my stay with my aunt now. Provided the weather continues to be promising, anyway. If a big load of snow decides to drop in the mountains, it will be safer to put the trip off till it clears. For now the weather will be clear of snow. Fingers crossed it holds.

I have not been drawing much, since leaving J’s. Between the travel and being sick I just have not been in a creative kind of mood. The fleeting moments I have pass quickly which is just as well.

I am off for now, to have a cup of tea before getting ready for bed.

Until next time. xoxo


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