Melting Pot

One Week Left

The time for my extended visit with J to end is rapidly approaching. Cue the waterworks. Actually, the waterworks started before travel plans had even been settled, and now that a departure date is scheduled and getting closer and closer the force of the waterworks consistently gets stronger and harder to reign in.  There are so, so many reasons I do not want to leave. I am just happier here. I like having and taking care of the chickens, I like the climate and the town, I like the house and the sunsets and being with my best friend who is the only person in my life I can really be comfortable and myself around, whether I am feeling grumpy or sad or silly… The place I call home is far from feeling like home; I feel miserable, trapped, and frustrated there… the only good thing back home is my dog. Sorry, dogs. That is plural now as a second dog was brought in, in my absence. Part of me is fine with it and part of me is angry, but it isn’t the dog’s fault and had she not been taken in her future would have been a questionable and quite possibly short one so… but more about that another time. 

Sigh. Well. I have things to do. But if I am being honest I am probably not going to do any of it. I will probably just sit and think and try to not fall completely apart over the fact I am leaving soon.

Until next time. xoxo


One thought on “One Week Left

  1. Bless your heart. May be someday you’ll have a little farm of your own and never have to move again. I wish you the best of everything. Take care.

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