Melting Pot

Well That Was Fun

And by “fun” I mean “exhausting, miserable, and disgusting”.

Yep. I caught the same stomach bug that J had at the end of last week. And we all know what “stomach bug” tends to include so I will spare you anything further than that.

I’m feeling lots better but am still recovering. My head still hurts, my sides still ache, and I still have not found my appetite again and as such have not eaten anything substantial since early Sunday afternoon. I just honestly do not feel hungry, and when I do kind of maybe feel a little hungry the tiniest bit of nibbling on something very quickly squelches it and gets my stomach feeling a little grumpy. So, I’m just trying to take things slowly and gently ease myself back into a more normal routine where food is concerned, and in the mean time the bulk of my caloric intake will remain from liquids since knock on wood at least they have not caused my stomach to threaten to turn on me again like the little bit of solid food I ate this morning did.

I hope you are all enjoying good health; it seems there are a lot of nasty bugs making the rounds right now.

Until next time. xoxo


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