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Vero Brava Headbands

I love headbands. While I do not make it a point to wear them all the time – or even often, sometimes – I love them and own dozens. It’s not uncommon for me to buy several at a time, or to wear two or three at once depending on the size and style I’m wearing etc. So when I’d heard about Vero Brava headbands I was curious. They’re basically supposed to be the best headbands you can buy. Soft, stretchy, non-slip, pretty fabrics… all good things right? Still I was skeptical. I mean, what is a (fabric) headband but a little circle of fabric? How fabulous could it possibly be?

The answer to that last question, based on my experience and in my opinion, is… not very.

I had heard so many good things about VB headbands that when I saw they offer a freebie for first time customers (“just pay shipping and handling”) I decided to try them out. They also currently have a buy one get one free promotion on, and I found a coupon code for an additional discount as well. It worked out to where I basically got three headbands for the price of one. Which, if you’re wondering, was about $20. They have other styles that cost a bit more, as well, but most are around the $20 a piece mark.

I waited impatiently for my package to arrive, eager to see what the fuss was about and fully expecting to love these headbands. I imagined that even if they were not *quite* up to the hype I’d heard, they’d be solid, well constructed pieces that would last me years. I mean with a price tag of $20 a piece and with them being (supposedly) hand made rather than mass produced by a machine, it’s hard to expect less than that right? Maybe it’s just me?

Either way, imagine my surprise when I finally got my package (which PS was shipped via DHL not the USPS shipping that is stated on the site; yeah DHL gets the package to the USPS for final delivery but that’s not really the same thing as USPS shipping) and I opened it up to behold for myself exactly what these headbands are like and I saw this. I thought at first something had just gone wrong, but they are all three made the same way (I left the black one folded over for the picture, to show how they look folded up and before you remove them from the plastic packaging when you get them.)

Now, I understand that the open headband is part of the VB design, which allows for more versatility in how one wears the headbands – leave it open for a wider band or fold it over for a narrow band. (Though this does not make VB headbands special either, I have others that are like this too; but actually finished and more well made than the VB!) However, to me that should not equate leaving the edges of the fabric totally unfinished like this. The fabric is already starting to fray a bit on the edges. They really ought to be hemmed up a bit – the edges of the fabric being left raw (not hemmed) is sloppy and poor design in my opinion. Also, what few stitches are on the headband closing it near the center point are loose and already coming undone. I slipped each of them on, one at a time, to try them out anyway. Comfortable and stretchy as promised? Yes. So are a ton of other fabric headbands – it’s just kind of the nature of this style headband. Non-slip? Eh, not so much. The freebie band, which is a different material than the other two I chose, stays put reasonably well. But again, I have other (cheaper, mass produced) headbands that stay in place just as well as that one. The other two, however, slipped right off my head the instant I started moving around, turning my head side to side etc. I admit the fabric for those ones is more “slick” so it stands to reason they’d not stay in place as well but when one of the promises VB makes about ALL their headbands is that they stay put, you expect them to stay put, right?

Overall these are very pretty but just not well made, and are not at all worth the price tags. I feel I paid too much for them even with the deal I got on them. I emailed VB to express my disappointment and asked if it would be possible to get a refund on my order. The exact message I sent them was as follows: To Whom it may concern: I have just received my order (order #) and I have to say that I am so disappointed in the quality of these headbands. They are beautiful, but the quality is just nothing like I was expecting. They do not stay in place well, even worn low on the forehead, and while I understand the unfinished edges are intended to make for more versatile styling options, I’ve got plenty of similar headbands that don’t have the unfinished edges on them like these do. I don’t feel like these are going to last, with those unfinished edges on them. Overall I am just really not impressed with my purchase. Would it be possible to get a refund, please?  Thank you.

And this is the response that I got back from them, which to their credit was received less than 24 hours after I sent them my email, so they were prompt in replying:

Gosh, so sorry to hear you are disappointed! Unfortunately, our policy is that sale items are not eligible for return and you got a great deal! (Also because of sanitary reasons hair accessories should not be worn by more than one person).


I understand return policies need to be in place, and there are various restrictions etc. I didn’t ask nor expect to return the headbands (due specifically to the “sanitary reasons”) however I did hope for a refund. I understand most places have stricter policies regarding sale items vs full price items. Most merchants fully disclose what the return/exchange/refund policy is prior to your purchase or along with the receipt for your purchase. Online sellers will have this info in their FAQ section, and physical stores have it printed on the paper receipts. VB does not seem to have their policy posted to their site – if it exists, I haven’t been able to find it. I can find mention of a “Happy Head Guarantee” though no details about an actual guarantee, and nothing about returns, exchanges, or refunds in the event one is not satisfied with their purchase. In fact clicking on the “Happy Heads Guarantee” on the FAQ page leads to NOTHING. See for yourself in the screenshots below of both the mobile and web versions of their site:

 Lack of an easily accessible return/exchange/refund policy that the consumer may view is not good. Not accepting returns or offering exchanges of an item like headbands is perfectly reasonable – I get that. But if you flat out do not plan to even refund a customer who is not happy with the quality of your items, you really need to make that policy clear upfront and easily found for the customer BEFORE they purchase. At NO point in the purchasing process was there ever any mention of “Sorry, no refunds”.

Overall I am not pleased at all. I’ll be getting out my sewing machine and hemming those raw edges myself, as well as reinforcing the stitches near the center that are coming undone, so that hopefully at least then the headbands will actually last a decent length of time for me.


2 thoughts on “Vero Brava Headbands”

  1. It sounds like that company has figured out a way to snooker their customers. I’m confused on how they can ‘guarantee’ something and then legally get out of honoring it. I thought that by saying ‘guarantee’ that there was a legal implied return policy. That’s a lot of money for low quality, I wish they would make things right with you. Thanks for posting this and giving such a thorough review.

    1. Yep, I was completely stunned at the low quality when I opened up my package. I really hoped for a refund but oh well. I explained my dissatisfaction and requested one but was told no, and I am not the type to throw a hissy fit about it. Just the type to post a review and let my friends and family know not to purchase from them. 😉

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