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Silly Chickens & Stuff

I started writing up a new post earlier this week. I was about half way through it when something misfired in the communication between my fingers and my brain, and I hit the sequence of keys to select then delete all my text from within said post. Naturally, the wordpress autosave feature chose the instant AFTER that to refresh, thus saving a draft of nothingness. Just like that, my post went “poof”. I’ve yet to feel motivated to restart that particular post. I’ll get to it eventually.

I’ve started going out to walk laps around the back yard. It’s big enough, with enough uneven terrain and enough of an incline on the way back up, to be a good workout. While I am walking, the chickens keep an eye on me from their enclosure. They were far more curious the first day I did this of course, but they do still come to the far end of their enclosure while I walk and stay there till I’ve gone back inside. Clover will run to the corner closest to where I pass by on my way around each time. Silly bird. Other recent chicken silliness includes Regina having “kissed” Rose as I was watching them the other evening. They were just facing each other and Regina leaned over and gently “kissed” Rose’s face a couple times. I know, she was probably just pecking a little bug off of her. It was still funny, the slow speed and gentleness with which she did it just made it look like she was kissing her flockmate. =)

I’ll be heading back to Pittsburgh in a couple weeks. I can’t lie. I’m sad about it. I’ll be happy to be reunited with my dog, it’ll be nice to see my immediate family again, I have plans to hit up my favorite craft store possibly numerous times within a week lol but overall… I kinda don’t wanna go. But, I know I must. sigh. Pittsburgh is “home” though I never suffer any homesickness when I get away for an extended period of time. I have a hunch I am going to feel homesick upon getting back there from here though. I’m just… happier, here. Though to be fair/totally honest, I’d probably be happier just about anywhere besides Pittsburgh. Lots of reasons. I just don’t want to be there, anymore. Never did, really. But I haven’t figured out my way out (permanently) yet. So till I can figure that out I just have to suck it up and accept it as “home”.

Anyway. Moving on to something else that doesn’t make me want to cry – I am beginning a new hair growing journey. If you’ve been with me a while you probably know I go through two main phases with my hair: growing it out nice and long, then cutting it short and starting the growing it out journey anew. I got a short cut back in May of this year. It was shorter than I really like my hair to be (though I did love it) but the main reason for the cut was to get rid of bleached, dyed length, anyway. With that gone I’ve enjoyed the low maintenance short length. Mostly. As it continues to grow out I miss my longer hair more and more. Because of the style I got in May, my hair currently sits at a rather awkward length where my styling options are limited. Allow me to rephrase that: the styling options I have that I am actually willing to exert the effort and take the time to do are limited. It’s basically leave it down or throw it in a ponytail. I got an A line, slightly asymmetrical cut. Which means it’s shorter in back than in front, and one side is a bit longer than the other. I can’t even braid it (french braid) because of the whole shorter in back than in front thing – adding strands in to keep the braid going only adds bulk to the strands not length so the braid just gets all wonky and… it’s not pretty. So beginning today I am trying out a certain method I’ve seen on youtube that claims to give 1 inch of growth in 1 week. I’ll share the details later, once I see if it actually works or if it goes as I expect it to and is pretty much wasted effort. As my hair gets a bit longer I’ll even out the asymmetrical aspect gradually, and once it’s long enough to do so I’ll also work on evening it up overall to remove the A line style. Once those things are done my hair will be one length again and from there I can focus on just growing it out again. Hip length is the goal. I so miss my hair being hip length! When it starts getting longer than that I get a bit annoyed with it (sitting on your hair isn’t fun lol) but hip length was always good, I thought. Since I’m currently at barely shoulder length (in back at the shortest point) it’s going to take a while, though, even if the treatment I am trying out now does actually work like youtubers claim it does.

I’m off for now. I need to convince myself to get the vacuum out and vacuum. It’s past due. I just haven’t felt so hot recently and have allowed myself to get distracted with other things but it really needs done so I should crawl out from under the nice warm blanket I am currently snuggled up in (sigh…) and get that done.

Until next time. xoxo


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