No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday


Last week I shared a bit about my dog Jenna who we lost to cancer four years ago. So this week, I thought I’d share my beautiful current baby, Rascal. We had both girls for a couple months before Jenna got sick. And now this precious little thing is going on 5 years old. This is a terrible quality picture, as it was taken with my cell phone and the phone I had at the time had a lousy camera on it. But it’s one of my favorite pictures of her because she was enjoying a nice breeze and I managed to capture it; though just looking at the picture you would not necessarily know the silly thing was sitting there holding her eyes closed as the wind blew over her face… but I know it, and it makes me smile each time I see this picture. I’ve got many, many more pictures of her and I am sure more will be shared in future No Filter Friday posts. =)


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