No Filter Friday

No Filter Friday


It is hard to believe it’s already been almost four years since saying goodbye to my Jenna girl. I made three of these paw print ornaments in her final days – they’re dirty paw prints yes but she hated having her paws touched so I just did the best I could. Jenna was a wonderful, wonderful dog. She had not been acting right for a couple weeks and upon a visit to the vet we did some tests and found she had cancer, and it was beyond treatment; it had hit her fast and hard. So, we did what was best for her and said goodbye even though it hurt. I miss her often. Especially in times of stress or when I am sad. Not that Rascal is not also an awesome dog, as she is. But she has such a different personality than Jenna did. Jenna knew when I just really needed some snuggles, and she gave them freely. She was a very low-key, mellow dog. Rascal on the other hand is rather hyper and tries to cheer me up by being rambunctious. She has not learned, yet, that sometimes I just need calm cuddles from her to feel better. (My fault, I’ve been away from her so much…) I appreciate her efforts though, in those times.


1 thought on “No Filter Friday”

  1. Aw, that’s a precious ornament. I think it’s perfect the way it is. Jenna sounds like she was a real love. Bless your heart.
    Rascal sounds like a joy and busy girl. Give her an extra treat from Shelibean.

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