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10 Favorite Things

When your brain goes blank at the thought of blogging, make a list of some of your favorite things. Right? Sometimes it works, anyway. No specific theme to this particular list; just some random stuff. Though most of it is skin care products. So, it almost has a specific theme. But everybody knows almost doesn’t count. (Channeling my inner 90’s Brandy. Don’t mind me.)


  1. Sweet Revenge. This is a new favorite thing (for my fellow adults only of course). I’d been poking around the internet for mixed drink recipes and a couple I wanted to try called for strawberry liqueur; most called specifically for Strawberry Pucker so that was what went on the list. They did not have Strawberry Pucker though, or strawberry anything really. Except this. So this was what J got. While the recipes I had wanted to try turned out kind of meh, this on its own is pretty tasty.


    2. Vaseline is basically the ultimate multi-purpose product. I love my little mini tubs of it. I refill them from larger containers when possible, though with the Rosy Lips version if I want more I need to buy another mini as it’s not sold in larger containers. But the original and the (not pictured) cocoa butter formulas, I have mini tubs that are refilled from giant tubs. Just love this stuff!


    3. FAB Ultra Repair Cream is another amazing multi-tasker, and it works well in conjunction with the Vaseline. This is a truly head to toe moisturizer that can be used all over, hair, face, hands, legs, feet, even as lip balm. A little goes a long way which is nice because it is a pricey product.


    4. Dry Shampoo. I’ve tried a couple different brands, and still have a couple more on my “to try” list but so far this one has been my favorite. Dry shampoo is a staple for helping to keep your hair from getting overly greasy between washings. This one smells really good and doesn’t leave white residue (though since I have light hair naturally this is not typically an issue for me; I can’t say if this would be an issue with this particular brand if you have dark hair) and while not as volumizing as I’d like, it does the job it is meant to do quite well.


    5. Tony Moly Brightening Peeling Gel. This is basically a (much) cheaper version of a product I had a sample of in a Sephora order earlier this year. I loved that sample but when I saw the price tag for the full size product I knew I’d never buy it. But I also knew there had to be something cheaper available. Enter Tony Moly; a well known Korean brand of beauty products. (You can find some of their products, including this one, on Amazon.) I love this stuff so much! It is a clear gel that you apply to clean, dry skin. As you massage it over your skin, dead, dry skin balls up and comes off; you can actually SEE the product doing its thing. It’s very cool. I’ve seen some people saying this is not what happens when you use the product and that the “pills” that develop are actually the product itself, however I’ve done some experimenting and I have to tell you based on what I’ve seen, it is indeed the dry skin that “pills” up, not the product. I base this on the fact that the “pills” show up more in areas I know tend to be dry for me; if I use the product a second time immediately after (or when I know my skin is well hydrated), there will be significantly less “pilling” (aka less dry dead skin coming off which would make sense upon a second use immediately following the first or if your skin is pretty well hydrated), and I actually tested by using a q-tip to rub some product on my wrist, then on the bottom of a bowl (just for something that is a non-skin surface) – absolutely nothing happened on the bottom of the bowl. You’re absolutely free to disagree with me on just what happens when this product is used but for me, my experiments tell me it works exactly as it says it will and those little “pills” while using it ARE your dry dead skin being sloughed off.


    7. Tutu Lip Exfoliating Gel is basically the same thing as the Tony Moly gel above, but for your lips.


    7. You can argue whether pancakes or waffles are better all day long. We all know french toast is the winner.


    8. Pond’s Cold Cream is a lazy girl’s best friend come bed time, especially if said lazy girl also has dry, sensitive skin. You know. Like me. It removes makeup really well (though that said I do not tend to wear much so I can’t say how well this would remove very heavy eye makeup like some ladies like to wear) and you don’t even have to rinse/wash it off when you’re done, you can leave the leftover product on your skin and it will hydrate your skin while you sleep.


    9. Tiger Balm. This is the extra strength formula but there is also an “original” formula (which I think is also a more creamy consistency than this is which is rather solid). This works pretty well for various aches and pains. I rub a little on my temples and/or the nape of my neck to help ease minor headaches (it doesn’t help, for me, with more severe headaches or with migraines) and I’ve recently learned it is supposedly good for a plethora of things beyond muscle aches. One word of caution – use a q-tip to apply it, or wear some disposable gloves if you really have to use your hands. The reside that gets left behind on your hands after applying is a bit difficult to wash off and should you happen to rub your eyes… well, trust me. You will hate yourself for several minutes.


    10. Hummingbird Necklace. I am not much into jewelry; probably in part because I have sensitivities to some metals and basically anything affordable I CAN’T wear. I can’t wear sterling silver; it turns my skin blackish green (much like nickel does for many people, yes me included) and gives me a rash. I’ve learned the hard way that even “plated” things don’t agree with my skin. There are few metals I’ve been able to verify that I CAN wear without trouble. It’s my first – and thus far only – truly nice piece of jewelry (aka not cheap costume jewelry I can maybe wear for a couple hours before itching/skin discoloration begins), complete with a diamond. I can wear it without worrying it’s going to make my skin green or itchy, it is pretty and dainty and it was a gift from my best friend so it is basically perfect. =)

    Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “10 Favorite Things”

  1. Well you certainly have a good list there. I’ve always enjoyed your reviews of stuff. You have a way of explaining a lot without going over my head.
    Love the necklace. Your Hummingbird is so elegant. I hope you can enjoy it without too much allergic reaction.
    Thanks for sharing your favorites. It made for an enjoyable and informative blog post.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

    1. Thanks; I try to make sure my reviews are thorough without being too lengthy (though some products just need more explaining than others) and I try to include as much pertinent information in them as possible.

      I would wear that necklace 24/7 if it were not so dainty – I’m sure the chain is not as fragile as I’ve made it out to be in my mind but still, I don’t want to break it by sleeping with the necklace on or wearing it while doing yardwork etc. I do wear it around the house if I’m not doing a lot, and I wear it pretty much every time I go out. I just really really love it so much, both because it’s beautiful and because it was a thought-out, heartfelt gift. It’s a very precious thing to me, with all that considered.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my list. I worry sometimes when I make such lists that they’re boring posts nobody cares to read but sometimes I just can’t think of anything to write about but feel I need to make a new post.

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