Melting Pot


Alternate title: I love my (eldest) niece but she’s a snot.

To be clear I mean that in a totally loving way. If you don’t get how that could be said in a loving way you have either never had a kid/teenager in your life or… well, I really don’t know lol.

Many many moons ago, when niece was still a kid not a teenager, I introduced her to an online game I liked to play. She liked it too, so I got her set up with her own character on my account. (You can have up to 6 characters per account for this particular game.) Later on when she was a little older she got her own account, but she still liked to play on my account because the main characters we used were leveled up quite a bit, which meant more access to other areas and special items etc.

Fastforward a bit and niece wanted the password for my account so she could play even without me being present to log her in. She’s old enough now for that to be ok, and I gave her the password with ONE stipulation. All I asked was that if she played as my character, she not sell/delete/mess with any of my stuff. I’d been playing this game since about 2007 if I remember correctly; over the years there’s been a shocking amount of time and REAL money invested in this game for me. I had everything just how I wanted it. So, she was free to play on my account with four of our six characters doing whatever the heck she wanted as none of them had any of the “real money” items applied to them, on her character just without selling or deleting any of the paid for items, and she was allowed to use my character if she wanted but basically had to leave all the belongings of said character alone.

You already know what I am going to say next, right?

Yep. I logged on tonight to find almost all of my stuff for my character gone. There are “spells” one learns in the game to use during battle. I had worked my way up to get a great assortment of spells so I could do well in every “world” of the game; I do not know how she even got rid of my spells but many of them are missing and I have no idea how to get them back.

Granted I do not play much anymore anyway; but still. I gave her specific rules for being able to use my account/character and she broke them. I’m not really mad. I could be, sure. But there’s no point. Getting angry about it won’t bring back all the stuff that was sold off or deleted from the character. Now on the occasions I do want to play the game, it’s just not what I had spent years working up to or set up to my liking.

I could be a mean auntie and change the password thus revoking her access to the account. But again I am not really angry. Disappointed is more accurate. Disappointed that all those items I worked so hard for are gone, and disappointed that she disrespected me in breaking my one rule for her in regard to this game when I allowed her access to my account. I messaged her to ask about it but she has not replied, and I doubt she will. She probably thinks I’m fuming. While I will not be angry over it, I WILL let her think that for a day or two before I message her again telling her she’s not in trouble, I’m just sad she did it. And the next time she requests access to one of my gaming accounts (I do not play many online games, but there are a couple I enjoy) I’ll say no, and remind her that this little incident is why she is hearing the word “No”.

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Teenagers…

  1. Oh dear, teenagers, you got to love ’em. I understand where your coming from. I’m sad about how this worked out, but I’m glad that you’re not super angry at her. I figure she might have just gotten carried away. You’re a very good Auntie to be so forgiving. 🙂

    1. I just try to not stress out about things that can’t be changed, and this is one of them. J insists I should lock her out of the account “on principal” and I get his point of view and do agree to a point. But this is just something that I’d rather let slide.

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