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Let There Be Light

We got our power back on tonight after it had been knocked out Saturday morning thanks to hurricane Matthew rolling through. Yes, we are very lucky in that other than a soggy yard that was really the extent of what we had to deal with. Compared to many other folks who were affected by the hurricane we definitely got off easy. Even so it was frustrating for us. You can read about our misadventures of the past couple days on J’s blog if you feel so inclined; I am not going to repeat what he’s already taken time to type. :p

It was up to me to disengage the generator when I saw the power was back on, and I won’t lie, that scared me a bit. I may have a little fear of electrical things; really all things that have the power to go “boom”. I’m convinced I somehow blew myself up/electrocuted myself in a past life or two so now I kinda freak out at the thought of dealing with wires and flammable materials and such. (Says the woman who routinely sits with her fingers in pure acetone for extended periods to soak off gel nail polish. Shut up. It’s different. LOL) But J explained to me *specifically* what I needed to do and when I saw it was not complicated at all I went out and got it done and it was not at all terrifying like I imagined it would be. Leah 1 – fear of blowing yourself up 0

In other news, I’ve made it about half way through my 10th afghan square now. I’ve finally settled on a total of 20 squares (the pattern only calls for 12 but I want mine to be bigger!) so once I finish up the current square I can finally say I am half way there. I’ve been taking glucosamine chondroitin supplements for about a month now and they have helped immensely. They started helping within a week, and the results have gotten better since. Before taking them, my wrists would be tired and sore after a mere 2 rounds of the squares. If you also crochet you know when working in the round, 2 rounds of ANYTHING is not a heck of a lot though of course it does vary from pattern to pattern just how much work is involved in a given round. When I started square number ten I was able to complete all three rounds that are done with one color; you then switch colors for the remaining rounds. I honestly felt like I could have kept going after those three rounds had been completed though my wrists were ever so slightly tired. I chose not to keep going, since I think I have finally learned my lesson about not pushing it with my wrists. Today I picked up color number two and successfully worked through a full three rounds and partway into a fourth round (for those who do not crochet, each round gets bigger and has more stitches to work) and then when I decided to stop it was not so much because of tired wrists (though they were getting there) it was more because I had other things to tend to. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to being able to crank out an entire square in a single day, but perhaps. Regardless I can do a LOT more now than I could a month ago, thanks to the supplements. So, I’m a happy yarn addict right now.

Our chickens seem to have taken a liking to getting up on top of their coop. There had been previous evidence of this, but it was not till recently I ever actually saw any of them on the coop. The first time it was little miss Nugget and she actually hopped up there while I was out with them; the way it happened I am positive she only did it because she felt the need to say something as close to “face to face” as she could. She’d been making noises at me and she hopped on up and looked at me and kept on making noises at me; once she was done she hopped back down to the ground. I haven’t a clue what she was telling me or why she had to say it to my face but it was entertaining. Today I saw Chick Fil A on top of the coop for a while, and shortly after that another of them (though it was dark enough and I was too far away to identify which one) was checking out the top of the coop as well. Silly birds.

Well I suppose that is enough rambling for one night. Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Let There Be Light”

  1. I’m thankful you all wasn’t too badly damaged from the hurricane. That’s some scary stuff dealing with the electrical. I too am intimidated by it.
    I’m happy to hear that your wrists are better. Sounds like the medicine is a blessing. I’m sending you healing thoughts that your wrists will continue to feel better.
    Ms Nugget sounds like she was ever so happy to catch you up on the news and wanted to be the one to tell you. She sounds like a joy to have. It’s fun to watch animals and wonder what it is that makes them decided some of the comical stuff they do. That’s one of their charms. 🙂

    1. We had not been supposed to get too much from the hurricane but we ended up getting hit rather hard. Just glad we are as far inland as we are; if we were even an hour closer to the coast it would have been a lot worse.

      I wish I’d had the foresight to start taking the supplements when I was younger and first had problems with my wrists, it could have helped prevent them from being as bad as they are now! Neither myself or my doctor could have possibly predicted them being so bad at this point though.

      Nugget is indeed a character; I’m pretty sure all our girls have done silly things here and there but she seems to be the one we notice most often being entertaining in one way or another. We have discussed the possibility of setting up a web cam to keep an eye on them during the day so we can see what exactly they get up to when we’re not out there with them but for now that’s just an idea.

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